In today’s update: a small collection of Valentine’s day updates, various April anime broadcast confirmations, site updates for Kyou no 5 no 2 and Glass no Kantai, Little Non in Akihabara, the return of DDR, May figure release announcements from Goodsmile (Gunslinger Girl’s Henrietta) and Max Factory (Da Capo’s Kotori), and a ballooning Wanfesu corner in anticipation of next weekend’s event.

Valentine’s Day Specials

Media Side

  • Soul Link anime site update!
  • Kyou no 5 no 2 OVA site update! All of the site subsections are now online, for those craving a preview of this rather suspicious item.
  • Word comes from Majipoka that it will be broadcast on Chiba TV starting in April.
  • Originally airing in 1968, the cult horror series Youkai Ningen Bemu will be rebroadcast on Animax starting in April. [edit] according to ANN this will be a remake of the original series, not merely a rebroadcast.
  • According to the cover of the latest Sunday GX magazine, the Black Lagoon anime will see an April broadcast launch.
  • The official site for Gonzo’s upcoming epic science fiction space opera battle fantasy epic Glass no Kantai has been updated with an introduction and world information, but if you’re one of those sorry saps who has yet to upgrade your Flash to version 8 you won’t be able to see it. Yep, that’s me.
  • Those looking forward to portable Evangelion get a bit of a taste today in the pre-opening of Eva 2 PSP‘s official Bandai site.
  • On the way home from Futaket on Sunday I stopped by Akihabara, and along with the typical collection of street performers and up-and-coming karaoke singers that have been flocking there on Sundays of late, Little Non had set up in front of Toranoana and were playing a concert on the street to much positive reception. Yes, the group that performs the Rakugo Tennyo Oyui OP. [Akibajin scoops from Saturday, Sunday] I can only support more of this sort of guerrilla marketing. Unfortunately this gang of maids was nowhere to be found…
  • After three years without a new incarnation, Dance Dance Revolution is back.
  • 6,000 yen for ten minutes?

Ero Side

Hobby Side

  • More news on May’s linup from the Goodsmile / Max Factory conglomerate today as the former announces this Henrietta PVC from Gunslinger Girl, and the latter scoops a Kotori PVC from Da Capo Second Season. I’m guessing the Henrietta will be a popular item..
  • Not to be left behind, Kotobukiya has opened its May release of this Moetan one-coin trading figure collection for preorders.
  • Akibajin presents a review of the limited edition Telesa Rose figure that came with Cave’s Ibara soundtrack. Lucky bastard… Also, Palm Scenery Suigetsu.
  • Figure Alternative has updated its bishoujo figure release schedule through June. Having recently recieved news that my local figure source may be drying up in March it’s a mad dash for the preorders here…
  • Coming in late February or early March from Musashiya is this Kanu Unchou cold cast from Ikkitousen, a rather extraordinary figure. It may only be available via mail order direct from them, alas.
  • Wanfesu Corner
    • Starting today this space will be hard to tame, as picking up the catalog on Sunday has unleashed a whole slew of new items to anticipate. I’ll list what I can when I can and hope to emerge with some semblance of completion before the event.
    • New Line has posted their lineup for the event, including garage kits of My HiME’s Natsuki and Kamichu’s Matsuri.
    • The official Full Metal Panic! TSR site notes that Chara-Ani will be releasing a black lingerie version of Atelier-Sai’s Tessa PVC figure at the event.
    • Nekomikotama!! Is it a robe? An apron? A catgirl costume? Some devilish conglomeration of the three? Available as a resin kit from Toys Planning at Wanfesu, I’ll wait in hopes of the almost inevitable PVC version to come.
  • The release date of Fox / Toranoana’s Fine Scenery Komaki Manaka PVC from To Heart 2 has been pushed back from March to April.

Erm. It seems the Futaket report didn’t make it out yesterday after all… I’ll try to have something presentable online later today.