In Today’s Update: New manga lineup from Dengeki / Media Works, a Shinigami no Ballad artbook, Love and Justice Hot-Blooded Delivery Action!!, eroge maker Sukaradog’s site grand open and flagship title scoop, Figure Maniacs vol. 19, Kotobukiya’s Tokiha Mai PVC on sale, and a festival honoring two-dimensional phallic girls.

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Hobby Side

  • Figure Maniacs vol. 19 has been on shelves for a few days (preview here). If I had 44,100 yen just laying around and this were a completed kit instead of an unassembled resin, the magazine’s cover girl would be a no-brain purchase at Wanfesu. Even at 1/4 scale though, $400 USD is just too much for a single unpainted kit (unless you’re independently wealthy with a lot of painting time on your hands or even more insane about these things than I am).
  • Bandai’s Harocap SEED Destiny vol. 3 trading figures were on display in Akihabara yesterday, but what I’m really hoping for is a review of the Avalon no Kagi figures that were out recently.
  • Now On Sale
  • Can’t keep all of the recent My HiME / Otome figure releases straight in your head? The show’s official site comes to the rescue with this handy list.

[ERO] [HERMAPHRODITE] Futaket 3 is today, and I’ll be attending on a circle ticket with Xiarobo as I did last year. Time flies when you’re blogging, apparently… As with last year’s entry I’m planning to post a report (light on pictures, heavy on text) as soon as possible following the event; probably tomorrow morning as Mondays are usually pretty thin when it comes to news.