In today’s update: .hack//G.U. media blitz scooped, Etna and Flonne cosplay, xxxHolic anime site grand opening, Ray TV characters, Touhou game news, and May PVC offerings from Alter (Nanoha, Sei) and Megahouse (Yoruichi, Rangiku). An update so well-rounded it’s practically spherical.

Media Side

  • .hack//G.U. is a multimedia extravaganza, consisting of a manga, cell phone contents, a TV anime (26 episodes, entitled .hack//Roots and scheduled for launch on TV Tokyo April 5th, filling the time slot currently held by Kashimashi Girl Meets Girl. OP by Ali Project), a radio show, and the obligatory PS2 game coming in May courtesy of Bandai. That’s not all, apparently, but it would no doubt destroy our minds to gaze at the fully unveiled collossus that is the G.U. media monolith in a single news installment.
  • A pleasant transition away from G.U. in all of its awful glory, ITmedia presents Etna stabbing a man with a pitchfork. Flonne is there too.
  • Clamp fans rejoice: TBS’s official xxxHolic TV anime site is now fully open.
  • Black Jack fans can rejoice as well, as Ray TV has character profiles up at its official site. Meat bun hair + glasses for the win.
  • A Rozen Maiden Traumend original drama CD will be released on February 22nd.
  • STG “Shoot the Bullet”, the C69 Touhou Project release from circle Shanghai Alice, is now available for preorder from Toranoana with shipment scheduled for mid to late February.
  • Doujin soft maker ClassiC Shikou Kairo will be releasing Crescent Pale Mist in mid-March, a title in a genre dubbed “original”. Looks to be something of a 3D shooter from the screen shots.
  • In handheld gaming news, Naruto is coming to the PSP on March 30th in the form of Naruto: Narutimate Portable.
  • February 13th will see the release of a Rune Princess artbook from Princess Soft. [enterbrain site]
  • Yesterday was cold. Really cold, for the Kanto area. It was 2 degrees Celcius in Tokyo. Think of that, and look at this picture. Her smile? Frozen in place.
  • Check out the comments section of this post for a great review of the Ar Tonelico “Blue Disc” vocal OST, courtesy of VanRaily. Sounds like this one is a must-have.

Ero Side

Hobby Side

  • Big news today from Alter, as they scoop two May-release PVC figures sure to please opposite ends of the chest spectrum: Nanoha from Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A’s, and Sei from Bakuretsu Tenshi. After waiting through their earlier Jo and Meg releases this is a kit I may finally succomb to… Want more / better resolution pictures? Amiami is happy to oblige. [Nanoha] [Sei] Alter is also producing a set of Idol Master “trading mascots” due out in early April.
  • Not to be upstaged in today’s figure news, Megahouse comes out swinging with a pair of Bleach PVCs due out in May: Yoruichi and Rangiku. Yoruichi would normally take the cake here, but Rangiku wins out through a better rendered face, pose, and more than a passing similarity in garb to Koyori, with all of its attendant implications. I’m not sure if they would release an 18+ figure based on a manga property serialized in Shounen Jump, but hey, we can dream…
  • Akiba Blog scoops Goodsmile’s Neko Arc pending its advance release at Wonder Festival on February 19th; Akibajin has a review of Bandai’s recent Hawke Sisters trading figure set (from SEED Destiny) online, along with display scoops of Yamato’s upcoming Ureshiko PVC from Okusama wa Mahou Shoujo, their original Bunny Girl Lydia PVC, and Kotobukiya’s April / May (re)release schedule. Oh, and this 60-centimeter Saber doll.
  • Akibajin reviews the rare secret Yumi Sayaka figure in the Dynamic Heroines trading figure set released a few days ago. Oppai!
  • Amiami has gallery shots online of Bandai’s upcoming SEED Heroines vol. 8 trading figure set, due out in May.

Incise Soul‘s latest top image pushes so many buttons it’s hard to know where to begin. If anyone can find a high-res version of this I will personally be in your debt.