ANN reports that starting in 2007 the Golden Globes will bequeath animation with its own little box of ticky-tacky; HD weighs in.

A few years ago a separate Oscar award was spun off for “best animated feature”, and according to ANN the same thing has just happened with the Golden Globes. While the increased exposure this will bring animation is certainly a positive development, I think it can be argued that by setting aside a special category based purely on the film’s media it is greatly decreasing the chance that an anime could win one of the more prestigious awards (best picture, best screenplay, even best foreign film).

What do you think about this? Boon for the industry, or another nail in the coffin of anime’s artistic integrity? I tend to see it as the latter, and think division along media lines is an injurious and purely arbitrary distinction – look at Lord of the Rings for an example of a film so hyped up on prosthetics and special effects that it might as well have been animated, and yet was able to score several top awards.

Admittedly the vast majority of animated films aren’t there yet in terms of serious contention for the big awards, but creating a special subclass for them is practially assuring that they’ll always be seen as subordinate.