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Why the Renewal?

I’ve heard from a few people who are curious as to why I’d want to fix something that wasn’t broken (the iteration of the blog). I’ll try to outline some of my thought processes here, for those interested in some of the directions the site may be taking.

Heisei Democracy ver. 2.0 GRAND OPEN

After several weeks in development and dozens of coding hours selflessly invested by Buffered, shut, and Albert Elegance, I am proud to announce that the new and (vastly) improved edition of Heisei Democracy is open for business.

Mainichi Junk: Rollover

In today’s update: a respectable batch of anime and ero site launches and updates, Ichimashi and Maritan figures, and several previews and reviews courtesy of Akibajin. This may well be the last Mainichi update from HD’s current location… relaunch coming soon!

Mainichi Junk: H. 18

Year 18 in the reign of the Heisei emperor is upon us, and it’s looking to be another wild ride. In today’s update: a Sakura Taisen musical, a (literal) taste of moe, a new eroanime brand is launched, more C69 cosplay, and “meat hell” at Toranoana. Why be crushed to death when you can read about it in the privacy of your own home?

Event Report: Comic Market 69

If Akihabara is the spiritual center of the otaku world, the Tokyo Big Sight is surely its physical center, around which hundreds of thousands of people gather to worship in a bi-annual pilgrimage to the gods of amateur comics, erotic games, and cosplay.

Mainichi Junk: Megatokidotted

Going into the third day of the Japanese new year there’s not much news to report, aside from miko miko Suigetsu car from Akiba Blog. This should give me time today to finish up various Comiket-related updates, suddenly a much higher priority item…

Mainichi Junk: Back in the Saddle

In today’s update: lots of news on the figure side as late December releases are digested and a few interesting spring releases pop up, a flood of Comiket reports and images from the usual Akiba-kei suspects, New Year’s wallpapers and updates galore, and a few new ero scoops. Now caught up through the first, so the next few days should be relatively slow on the news front.

Mainichi Junk: Year of the Dog

Comic Markets come and go, the calendar flips a page, but the news marches on and HD with it. In today’s update: a blizzard of new anime series are announced, including a couple that may actually turn out to be good; a trio of new games from Jellyfish, an eroge surfaces after four years (!) of development, Comiket 69 reports start to snowball, and a new year is upon us.