In today’s update: A deluge, a veritable torrent of figure releases hit store shelves, Madhouse announces TOKYO TRIBES 2 anime, Kamichu manga vol. 1 goes on sale, and we get a glimpse of what Cerberus Project has in store for Wonder Festival. Warning: may inspire carnal desire toward inanimate objects.

Media Side

  • According to a news post on Madhouse’s mad flash website, TOKYO TRIBES 2 is slated for production as a 13 episode TV anime to be aired this coming fall. Parents of the world: this is what you get when you name your children after roly poly ficticious men who live in severe arctic climates.
  • Does anyone else have the feeling that the admittedly well-designed but otherwise substandard LAP anime was produced with the sole intent of selling items such as these?
  • Quite the lineup of Dengeki comics on sale yesterday, including Kamichu vol. 1 (Akiba Blog scoop), Okusama wa Mahou Shoujo vol. 2, and Raidon’s Raburu-chan vol. 2. In other Media Works news, March’s Dengeki Comic GAO and Dengeki Maoh are out and about, along with Dengeki Teioh vol. 8, complete with Moetan poster.

Ero Side

Hobby Side

If Bandai plans to market their Bleach and Dragon Ball CCGs in the English-speaking world, they should probably find a brand name other than “Carddass” to do it with.