In today’s update: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni anime details, the final DVD-only episode of Kamichu is scooped, Kimikiss Chu-ning Up, a couple of minor eroanime news bits, Atelier-sai’s Kaede PVC on sale, Kotobukiya’s Tokiha Mai on display, and a shipment of Alter Asukas straight from China.

Media Side

  • Cast, broadcast information, and particulars of the OP and ED themes have been posted to the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni anime website. 26 30-minute episodes~
  • The final DVD-only episode of Kamichu is scooped today, with screenshots, at the show’s official site. Extrapolating from the release pattern thus far, it should be out in late March along with the 8th and final R2 DVD.
  • Enterbrain’s Kimikiss website has been updated with several new character profiles and a C69 event report. The radio page also notes that net radio (“Yuumi to Kaori no Kimikiss Chu-ning Up!”) for the game will commence in April.
  • A five-page review of Ar Tonelico is online today courtesy of ITmedia. [official site]
  • Today’s batch of web radio includes Solty Rei, Aria, To Heart 2, and Gakuen Alice.
  • The March edition of Shonen Ace went on sale yesterday, and with it another intense chapter of Welcome to the NHK. I’ll try to have a review of it online this weekend along with one for SASA-OGI CLIMAX in Genshiken.

Ero Side

Figure Side

  • Atelier-sai’s Kaede PVC from Shuffle is on sale today [Akibajin scoop], bearing a peculiar resemblance to the Lisshansus announced recently…
  • According to multiple news sources, the preorder period for Kotobukiya’s Sela-chan PVC is now officially over. I got mine in about a week under the wire ;; It’s currently scheduled for release a week from today, on February 3rd. Rest assured that a review of this item will certainly appear here, in addition to all of the other places much better equipped to provide such services.
  • A display model of Kotobukiya’s upcoming Tokiha Mai PVC from My HiME is on display at the official Kotobukiya shop in Akihabara. She’ll kill you with her prehensile scarf if you aren’t careful. Also, it seems that Sengoku Cannon’s Koyori isn’t sold out. Yet. Mine did come in yesterday, a review will probably be forthcoming in the next day or so.
  • Mommy, where do figures come from? Alter’s shipment of Asuka arrives from China in as raw a form as we ever get to see it.

I’d like to thank 3pyon, Kyouji and others who have taken the time to chip away at updates on the 2ddb over the past few days. You guys rock. I’ll have the chance to put some work in on it this weekend, hopefully.