In today’s update: Jigoku Mamiko makes a live-action appearance (no thanks to Sony), Majipoka anime updates, a new Ergo Proxy trailer, a DOA / KOF-themed eroge (in designs, at least), My Otome Super H, A boatload of new figure announcements from Yamato, and the usual Saturday abundance of eroge.

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Hobby Side

  • Yamato continues to unleash hellfire in the form of its May release schedule, today bringing news of this original Bunny Girl Lydia PVC (white version), a Chun Li PVC (red version), a Cammy PVC (black version), and a Morrigan PVC (red version). Luckily for wallets everywhere the latter three look pretty bad, as Akibajin confirms with an up-close scoop.
  • It may be just coincidence, but along with this surge of Yamato announcements the maker has opened an official online shop. They’re offering an exclusive Creators’ Labo Mizuki Tachibana polystone statue from Gravion Zwei for preorder, slated for a July release; according to the site the garage kit version of this sold out at WF 2005 Summer in fifteen minutes. :V Click for the interesting implementation of image zooming in Flash that they have going on, if not for the outlandish [bb].
  • Coming in March from Yujin will be this set of Ikkitousen trading figures, which would be a whole lot hotter if they weren’t made by, say, Yujin. A brighter piece of trading figure news on the March horizon is a reminder of this Shuffle Heroines set coming from Atelier-Sai. Hopefully they’ll look as good when colored… A rather more mysterious release is this set of Oshitone Tenzen trading figures, maker unknown. Hard to tell from that image alone, but this should be a good one for devotees of the wafuu bijin.
  • The few. The proud. The top image update. Why is Maritan’s New Year’s wish the only one that’s censored?
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  • Omake: Yayoi and Koyori in box! Their retail debut can’t be far behind…