In today’s update: Tokyo Anime Center March 15th grand open, a yuri fair at Toranoana, Nurse Witch Komugi-chan slot machines, life imitates art in Suntory’s LIGHTNING BOLT LIGHTNING BOLT LIGHTNING BOLT -ahem “Final Fantasy XII potion”, a Saber pocketwatch, and a link to Yoshizawa Mitsumasa’s official site because he’s just that cool.

Media Side

  • ITmedia announces the March 15th grand opening of the Tokyo Anime Center in Akihabara Crossfield (one of the new mega high-rises that’s cropped up there over the past couple of years). From the professionally done English version of the official site this is looking to be a pretty darn cool development no matter how you slice it.
  • Toranoana has posted a bunch of recommended yuri titles (“yuri fair” page) to go along with yesterday’s release of volume 3 of Comic Yurihime. Memo memo…
  • A reminder from Bones that the Fullmetal Alchemist movie DVD will be on sale January 25th.
  • Gambling and anime intersect in odd ways in Japan, two examples of which would be today’s announcement of a Komugi-chan slot machine (introduced by none other than Halko herself) and yet another in the long series of Evangelion pachinko machines. You too can now associate your favorite anime characters with the bitter taste of financial ruin! What’s next, anime-branded alcohol?
  • Speaking of cleverly branded drinks, Suntory announces a beverage entitled the “Final Fantasy XII Potion“. …the image says more than words could possibly convey.
  • Fate mania continues with Broccoli’s announcement of a Saber pocket watch and a Type Moon goods fair from Animate. With Fate now animefied it seems the mainstream retailers are more eager than ever to hop on the Type Moon gravy train…
  • A preview disc for the Disgaea TV anime will be on sale February 23rd.
  • Radio To Heart 2 episode 15: in which the consumption of curry for fifteen straight weeks has led the seiyuu to convert to Hinduism and travel to the Tibetan Himalayas in search of enlightenment.
  • Rumble Roses XX will be on sale March 30th. The game itself looks hideously ugly, but its first incarnation proved to be the genesis of some good doujinshi so the sequel deserves a mention as possible C70 fodder.

Ero Side

  • The March edition of Tech Gian will be on sale tomorrow, and I was expecting a preview of its contents online this morning; alas, as of posting time there is nothing. At any rate, the ero contents should pick up considerably tomorrow and Sunday as new scoops are processed from the magazine and elsewhere.
  • A “guide book” for Art’s Costume Player is available for download from the game’s official site.
  • Sample CG
  • Wallpapers

Hobby Side

  • [ERO] scoops Gigapulse’s Wonder Festival winter ’06 offerings (Nagisa from Maid in Heaven SuperS and Mina from Sexfriend), both of which are looking to be of typical Gigapulse quality – that is to say, mediocre to downright poor. -_-
  • On sale today: Millennium’s Pastel Chime Continue trading figures, and some Game Characters Collection trading figures from Megahouse.
  • Akibajin has a review of Bandai’s Shuffle Gallery trading figures online. Also, a sample of Yamato’s upcoming SIF EX Ryomou PVC from Ikkitousen was in evidence in Akiba yesterday, a hot item to be sure (like the soon-to-be-released Sela-chan PVC and this Cammy from Street Fighter (alternate ver.), Ryomou is also sculpted by Yoshizawa Mitsumasa. The more of his work that gets the PVC treatment the better, as far as I’m concerned).

[ERO] Orchid Seed’s Ignis resin kit from Jingai Makyou came in last night, along with Toys Planning’s Front Innocent Faye. She’ll be showing up in a review pretty soon, but Ignis will probably be sitting in the box for a good long while… ;_;

31 parts… I weep…