In today’s update: for everything there is a season, and this season’s thing is a continued round of high quality figure releases. Also in the news: a 30-minute Hellsing OVA preview on January 22nd, Ergo Proxy mangafied, Ibara PS2, Comic Yurihime vol. 3 released, another kick-ass Korean MMORPG, a new eroge / anime title from Erogos, and etc. Did I mention the Saki Kaicho cosplay PVC?

Media Side

  • It looks like we’ll be getting our first taste of the Hellsing OVA a few weeks earlier than expected, as a 30-minute Hellsing I OVA Digest for Freaks will be broadcast January 22nd on TVK. It’s being presented as an apology for the release delays and a late otoshidama (new year’s gift), so I expect it will contain a considerable amount of new footage and not just be recycled from the original series.
  • Sunday DX magazine announces that an Ergo Proxy manga will be serialized therein from its February 18th issue.
  • The first lot of Taito’s PS2 release of Cave’s Ibara STG, due out on February 23rd, will contain a special full-color booklet.
  • The January 30th release of Dragon Age Pure just keeps pumping out the moe. If they’re trying to drum up interest in the publication, it’s certainly working.
  • Volume three of Comic Yurihime is now on sale, which is great news for those of us who managed to pick up the stealh release of volume two. For those of us who didn’t, two is still luckily available at Amazon.
  • Chara-Ani is putting out a Full Metal Panic! TSR-themed Zippo lighter, available in March.
  • As I was glancing over an article on the second Tales of Eternia Online closed beta I noticed this in the sidebar and did a double take. Lineage II, meet your rival in the world of MMORPG character designs – and Victorian-themed fantasy adventure to boot. I’m probably the last person reading this to find out about Granado Espada, but I’ll be damned if the Koreans haven’t done it again.

Ero Side

Hobby Side

  • It seems that Toranoana’s [ERO] Fine Scenery Shino PVC is now available for general preorder. BANZAI.
  • A batch of May release announcements from Yamato leave the wallet staggering under a full body blow, including this Asaba Ureshiko PVC from Okusama wa Mahou Shoujo, a set of Ike! Ikenaka Takyuubu trading figures (the one in the upper left of particular interest), this astounding Ryomou PVC from Ikkitousen, and last but not least, Saki Kaicho cosplay from Genshiken (!!!!!!). Ahh, it’s a good day to be alive.
  • Akibajin presents a review of Alter’s Nagisa PVC from Maid in Heaven SuperS. Yes, it does come off. :3
  • Also from Akibajin, for the SEED Destiny fans, previews of Bandai’s SEED Heroines vol. 7 and the Hawke Sisters trading figure set. Meer fans can rejoice as well, as Amazon posts several new images of Megahouse’s swimsuit Meer PVC. This one is looking just as good as her first incarnation…
  • On sale today: Bandai’s Shuffle! gallery trading figures, Toys Planning’s [ERO] Faye PVC from Front Innocent, and Yujin’s SR Zoids Gals Collection capsule figures.
  • Release delays: Griffon’s [ERO] Escalayer cold cast from Beat Angel Escalayer, delayed to late May; Konami’s Mechamusume vol. 1 trading figures (reissue), delayed to late April; Konami’s Mechamusume vol. 2 trading figures, delayed to late March.

A bit of [ERO] Koyori omake rounding out today’s news, scrounged from 2chan’s mokeiura board. I’m not totally sure this has been released (as Akibajin hasn’t scooped it yet), but if it’s not widely out yet it will be soon. Regardless, it is a good time to be a figure collector indeed. :3