In today’s update: A commercial for the upcoming Hellsing OVA, Eva Girlfriend of Steel PS2 rerelease and expansion, Orbital Maneuver updates with a crossfade mp3 and sample video for anemotaxis, a new Fate / stay night character popularity poll courtesy of Type Moon, and some decidedly well-endowed figure news.

Media Side

  • A promo commercial is online for viewing at the official Hellsing OVA website. Now taking bets as to whether it will actually be out on February 10th; I could watch Celas loading that gun until then and be perfectly satisfied.
  • An official site is up for the reissue of Neon Genesis Evangelion: Girlfriend of Steel, produced by GeneX and due out in March. In addition to being up-specked for the PS2 it is slated to contain additional scenario material and animation that wasn’t in the original game.
  • Some original Kamichu artwork along with the OP animation and commentary is online at the Agency for Cultural Affairs Media Art Festival prize site. Kamichu was one of six anime to be awarded the prize this year, and the only standard TV show.
  • A nice batch of anemotaxis updates at Orbital Maneuver HQ today, including the remastered title track, a crossfade mp3 sample of the album, and a promotional movie.
  • While we’re on the music front, a note that Mosaic.wav’s second denpariffic album Space Akiba Pop will see an official release on January 20th.
  • The official Munto site announces that the OVA will be mangafied starting in the January 30th issue of Dragon Age Pure.
  • A demo movie is available online today for Falcom’s Sora no Kiseki SC. Looks to have a good bit of cel-style animation in it. In other console news, an official site is online for Idea Factory’s Spectral Force 3 Innocent Rage, a title that may help boost the xbox 360’s decidedly mediocre uptake here.
  • A new episode of Gun x Sword web radio is online today.

Ero Side

  • Type Moon is running a new character popularity ranking contest for Fate / stay night, this one including spoiler characters and some from hollow ataraxia that weren’t present in the last poll. Voting isn’t open yet, though the character profiles (along with their ranking in the previous poll) are; don’t click unless you want game (and anime) spoilers. I’ll keep my eye on this and post again when the voting is open.
  • New Site Launches / Release Announcements
  • Demo Downloads
  • Sample CG
  • Wallpapers

Figure Side

  • Several items of note are on sale today, first and foremost the voluptuous Megahouse [ERO] Koyori PVC from Sengoku Cannon. I can’t get mine until tomorrow, as the local hobby shop takes Wednesdays off… curses.
  • Also out today is this Puchi Studio stage 3 SEED Destiny trading figure set from Megahouse, Bandai’s My Otome Torikore trading figures, Megahouse’s SEED Destiny Lunamaria Hawke action figure [Akibajin review], Chara-Ani’s Iriya Kana PVC from Iriya no Sora UFO no Natsu, Atelier-Sai’s Toukami Toshi II Mizuhara Hazuki (regular ver.) PVC, and Alter’s Nagisa PVC from Maid in Heaven SuperS.
  • Why get the life-sized miko when you can have the octopus instead, for a mere 880 yen?
  • A quick addendum to yesterday’s Tokiha Mai News Hour comes in the form of the reminder that this Max Factory PVC will be out in February. GJ!
  • Other coming attractions: this set of Ichigo 100% trading figures from Omnicle in March, this Growlancer Ruise Forsmeyer PVC from Wafuudou Ganguten (also in march), and this Kaiyodo Bome collection Demon Girl repaint ver. PVC, coming in February.

Just when you start thinking that Akihabara is being coopted by stores with actual taste, depressed at the sight of its increasingly slick facade and the new crop of highrise offices crowding out the dingy little doujin shops, along comes a sack of these to restore your faith(?) in humanity. Oh Akiba, what would we do without you…