In today’s update: Thought to be lost for centuries, Goodsmile’s clothes-changing Ohno PVC is finally announced! Also: more Dragon Age Pure previews, xxxHolic TV anime cast list, Hobby Stock Grand Open, Cave’s limited Ibara OST and figure release, Sela-chan IN BOX, the Tokiha Mai News Hour, and a 27 year-old Saitama man sets fire to his house after his mother refuses to buy him a figure.

Media Side

  • Dragon Age Pure keeps pumping out reasons to pick the magazine up on January 30th, including the moe in evidence here and the glimpse of a professional photographer at work on the color version of the Tsubame figure available only via mail-order from the issue. There’s nothing more teaseriffic than the sight of a figure being photographed…
  • The latest installment of Melon Books’ webcomic Merokomi features some wordplay with the store’s name, a chestnut, and an additional “ma”. Melon Books? Maron Books? Mamelon Books? Meroman Books? ASOBUNA.
  • Bones has a couple of character designs up along with its official production announcement of the 獣王星 anime, set for an April broadcast launch. I can’t parse the reading of that name for the life of me, so if someone can clue me in it would be much appreciated (it’s kemono + oh + hoshi, or “star of the beast king”, but the kana elude me…).
  • delivers with the main cast list of the upcoming xxxHolic TV anime.
  • Pani Poni Dash web radio has another episode online today.
  • Valentine torayaki? Valentine torayaki!

Ero Side

Hobby Side

  • Those who have been reading HD for awhile may recall the list of figures announced at Wonder Festival back in August. Buried among them was an “Ohno Kanako changing clothes PVC” from Goodsmile, scheduled for a December 2005 release. The month came and went with nary a whisper regarding the item, and I thought it had been shelved permanently – lo and behold, I was wrong. So very, very wrong. I weep tears of bliss… she’s due out in April.
  • Hobby Stock Grand Open! The new online figure retailer debuts with a bang, consisting of the two previously scooped Tsuyokisu Kurogane Otome exclusive items featured prominently on the front page. Hadaka apron or hug pillow, a difficult choice…
  • Big news from Cave today as they announce the release of the Ibara sountrack, complete with Telesa Rose figure. It will be on sale on January 30th, available for preorder only for members of the cell phone access-only game center fan club, and available for purchase only via Cave’s online shop. This is sure to be a much sought-after item in the vein of the Mushihime-sama OST/figure… Of greater interest to the not-quite-so-maniac among us is the release of the trading figure set pictured in frustratingly small resolution here, which (aside from the Telesa Rose figure) is planned for a broader release at a later date. Details on that as they emerge.
  • Those contemplating acquisition of Kotobukiya’s Sela-chan PVC recieve yet further temptation to abandon all budgetary constraints with the scoop of the figure as it will be sold, box and all. That’s it, preordered.
  • Tokiha Mai News Hour: Orchid Seed’s Tokiha Mai bikini ver. cold cast from My HiME has finally hit the streets, for those with the yen to burn. The more budget-conscious among us might want to consider Goodsmile’s upcoming April option, at a quarter of the price (and two thirds the size, but size doesn’t matter, right?).
  • On Sale Today: Kotobukiya’s Rei and Asuka plug suit ver. PVC from Evangelion. Why get one when you can get two for twice the price? [Akibajin scoop] Also, [ERO] Orchid Seed’s Jingai Makyou Ignis is out today in Akiba. I never got a preorder lock on that, damn it… now for the frantic canvassing of online shops.
  • Army-tan reminds us of her upcoming figure release, and commands all members of the “Figure Moezoku” (moe figure clan) to go out and buy the set when it comes out. Navy-san tells her that she might be using the term wrong, so Army-tan asks if this is what she’s referring to – a story about a 27 year old unemployed Saitama man who set fire to his house after his mother refused to buy him a figure. “No,” Navy-san responds, “that’s the other ‘moe.'” Badum-ching! Moe puns never get old.