In today’s update: A new manga from the creators of He is My Master, Aria web radio launches, confirmation of the FMA premium OVA disc, an anime definition of Akibakei, the usual ero news, and previews of Kotobukiya’s Lucy Maria Misora PVC from To Heart 2.

Media Side

  • From the author and illustrator team behind He is My Master comes a new manga entitled Maid wo Nerae!, the first installation of which will be serialized in the January 30th edition of Dragon Age Pure. If it isn’t broken why bother to fix it, right?
  • A demo movie is online for Idea Factory’s PS2 ADV Yamiyoru ni Sasayaku, set for a February 9th release. I mention it mostly because of the maid with a gun, which along with the frilly hat and the apron is seeming more and more of a standard option these days.
  • The first episode of Aria web radio is online today, along with the 14th of radio To Heart 2.
  • This has been scooped earlier elsewhere, but the official site makes it …official: a Fullmetal Alchemist PREMIUM EDITION disc will be released on March 29th, containing the items mentioned in the ANN article. Unlike the upcoming Marimite fan discs it seems this one might actually be worth flogging the wallet for.
  • Sister Princess Re Pure is currently being released on UMD. …I hear crickets.
  • Halko’s not dead! Animate TV scoops her 2005 Wonder Momoi tour with NBK’s Manzo. Wish I knew what she’d be up to in ’06, though.
  • The second floor of Yamagiwa Soft in Akihabara is currently sporting a display entitled “if you’ve only seen Densha Otoko, you’re still a newbie! Your guide to Akibakei, anime version”. Citing as examples of “Akibakei” anime it includes Genshiken, Air, and Tsukihime, which I suppose are as good a representation as you can get in a spread of three relatively recent titles. What three anime would you include in the definition of Akibakei (or your otaku synonym of choice)? Think I’ll start a thread in the forums…

Ero Side

Hobby Side

The weekend is coming up, and with it the opportunity to catch up on some non-news updates and jump start the very lonely 2ddb. I doubt I’ll ever complain of an excess of free time again…