In today’s update: Max Factory / Alter / Goodsmile’s April figure releases are announced, Sunrise’s Zegapain anime gets a site update, new doujin soft from Easy Game Station and the Touhou project, a free track download from Orbital Maneuver [sic], moeru gomi, the Same-designed eroge site goes live, the week’s eroge and figure releases, and other misc. news. MASTER UP!!

Media Side

  • Sunrise updates the flash animation over at their Zegapain site, giving a better feel for the show’s designs. The cast has “generic giant robot show” written all over it (three bridge babes, two competing love interests, one mysterious grey-haired antagonist and a partridge in a pear tree).
  • Doujin Soft fans, keep your eyes open for the February 10th release of Easy Game Station’s Gunner’s Heart. Looks to be a pretty sweet release from the screenshots, and at 1,890 yen it seems like a no-brainer. Also look out for Dreamt Purple Night, a two disc Touhou fan project with art on one disc and music on the other.
  • Orbital Maneuver is a three-album concept work that combines science fiction visuals, vocals and electronic music. The first album (“geotaxis”) is currently on sale, with the second (“anemotaxis”) set for a February 10th release. A full version of the anemotaxis title track is available for download on site at 192kbps, a fine introduction to the project. I’m getting Maaya Sakamoto vibes here, which is definitely a good thing.
  • When written with different kanji, “moeru gomi” means “burnable trash”. This is what we call a “pun”. I like the designs on a couple of those shirts, but they’re not the sort of thing you ever see people wearing around here (despite what would have you believe).
  • As mentioned yesterday, the release of February’s Comptiq was a Fate bonanza.

Ero Side

  • Leading today’s ero news is the official site launch of Red Zone’s Nao ~Joshuu Ryoujokubou~, the Same-designed eroge scooped with the release of February’s Tech Gian last month. Sample CG can be accessed from the individual character pages. Given both the site’s gloomy layout and the translation of the game’s subtitle (“female prisoner rape room”) we pretty much know what to expect. Why couldn’t Same have gone for a thinly veiled Marimite-clone yuri game instead? ;_;
  • Age updates with the announcement that yes, Muv Luv Alternative is in fact on schedule for a February 24th release. Moon Phase notes in its news column that the game has been under development for three years, and its exponential progression of release delays has been reported here since last spring. I wonder if fans will punish the company by directing their purchasing dollars elsewhere at the end of February.
  • Marry Bell has acquired the rights to distribute Mireille’s Sarasa☆Radical via download, and has launched an official site to suit. As this is a reissue of the game, the site is already complete with Sample CG and the OP demo movie; look for it online on January 20th.
  • In eroanime news, Amour has updated with character designs for their upcoming Hitou Meguri OVA.
  • All of two (2) eroge will be going on sale this Friday, January 13th, and Galge scoops both of them here. This is the lightest week of ero releases on memory, not surprising considering the aftershocks of Comiket still being felt as makers prove unable to resist the urge to offer “Comiket only” industry booth items for online sale after the event. Type Moon, I’m looking at you. Of the two games out this week Score’s Sensei wa Majo? is of slightly more interest than the latest Dokujima Nero installment from Waffle, mostly due to the fact that Waffle’s “low price” site is impossible to navigate.
  • Pirrow!
  • S.M.L announces that the release of Re: has been pushed back a week from January 27th to February 3rd. A production issue, or a ploy to grab the spotlight in a week of few releases?
  • We’ve Got Movie Sign!!
  • Sample CG

Hobby Side

  • The Max Factory / Alter / Goodsmile collective lays out their April 2006 release spread in today’s leading figure news. Coming down the pipe are a Sakura swimsuit PVC from Fate / stay night, a pair of Votoms action figures, an Amaenaideyo!! onsen trading figure collection, an Aishia PVC from Da Capo Second Season, and a Wendy PVC from Gun x Sword. [Akibajin scoop]
  • Hobby Channel represents with a rather belated report on World Hobby Festival Ariake 13. Nothing we haven’t seen before, but a bit of a preview for February’s Wonder Festival.
  • Release delay: Max Factory’s Aru Ajifu PVC from Demonbane, Sakura and Cammy PVCs from Street Fighter, and Goodsmile’s Magical Girl Rin PVC from Fate have all been pushed back from January to a late February release.
  • Megahouse has a Temari PVC from Naruto coming out in February, as part of their Collective File DX Naruto Part 2 series.
  • New images of old announcements: Bandai’s February Hawke sisters trading figures from SEED Destiny and March Lacus / Meer trading figure set (also from Destiny), Dengeki Comic GAO’s March edition Ureshiko figure from Okusama wa Mahou Shoujo, Megahouse’s May release of flight suit Lunamaria and swimsuit Meer PVCs (SEED Destiny again, see also in color).
  • Coming in March from Musashiya is a third version of their Ruri age 16 maid uniform cold cast from Nadesico.
  • For a mere 999,999 yen, this set of three ~1/2 scale Ah! My Goddess figures can be yours! That’s roughly $8,730 USD, if you’re counting the spare change in your wallet.
  • On Sale Today:

Today’s browsing of Moon Phase brought a particularly bad rash of “master up” announcements, which from all I can tell is one of those seemingly significant but ultimately meaningless misimplementations of pseudo-English that plague modern Japanese like … a plague. Of boils, and stuff. Hives. I don’t know. What I do know is that when I click on a link to a “MASTER UP” nothing at the site has changed, it’s basically a bunch of hand-waving to the effect that “look! we’re alive! see? link us!! for no apparent reason!!!” The professional Japanese online attention whore weapon of choice, apparently. So, without further ado, I declare that Heisei Democracy is hereby


…ahem. In other news, I placed an order for this item yesterday, dooming me to a diet of ramen and tap water for the next month, but it’s a sacrifice for the reporting cause. I hope to get some really great (and not at all blurry) pictures this time around…