Year 18 in the reign of the Heisei emperor is upon us, and it’s looking to be another wild ride. In today’s update: a Sakura Taisen musical, a (literal) taste of moe, a new eroanime brand is launched, more C69 cosplay, and “meat hell” at Toranoana. Why be crushed to death when you can read about it in the privacy of your own home?

Media Side

  • A Sakura Taisen live-action musical show is running in Aoyama from January 4th through the 8th, with photographs here and here. In related news, a PSP collection of the first two Sakura Taisen games will be released on March 9th.
  • While drinks have been branded as “moe” before, Toranoana may be the first to do it on a widely commercialized scale. You can get your fix at Sunshine Creation 30 on January 29th, or afterwards at Toranoana shops nationwide.

    This is just another step in what I’m seeing as a widening rift between personal, non-commercial understanding of moe and its generalized (and increasingly meaningless) use as a branding tool. Sort of like Xtreme or [h]ardcore, only on the liteer side.

  • Excite Anime News has a couple of shots from the December 21st Paradise Kiss fashion show held to commemorate the sale of the show’s first DVD. Is it just me, or does it look like the Christmas tree is a natural extension of her dress?
  • Heedless of national holidays, Magical Girl Behoimi represents in another episode of Paniponi Dash web radio.

Ero Side

  • Leading today’s ero news is the launch announcement of a new eroanime maker, known as Harenchi Restaurant Amour (hereafter referred to as Amour). Their flagship title will be Hitou Mekuri vol. 1, set for a March 24th release and based on the game by the same name from maker Riddle Soft.
  • Maker Buredo has been posting installments of a (non-ero) manga entitled “Ofuro ga Waku-Waku Yurumi-san” to its official site since January 2nd. Yesterday’s installment is notable for NO BATH.
  • Apparently I’m not the only one to notice a similarity between the heroines of Marine’s upcoming Oshikake Scramble!! and those of a certain popular anime / manga.
  • New Site Launches / Release Announcements
  • Demo Downloads
  • Comiket Corner
    • Hobby Channel posts the fifth in their series of cosplay features from Comiket 69.
    • Akiba Blog flexes a bit of rhetorical muscle as he describes the scene at Toranoana on Jaunary 3rd as a meat hell. Having experienced this phenomenon last year I can’t think of a better descriptor.

Hobby Side

  • Akibajin has a review online of the Gainax Heroines vol. 2 trading figure set recently released from Bandai.
  • For the SEED Destiny fans: Akibajin scoops samples of Megahouse’s upcoming Stellar ver. 2 PVC as well as Lakus (battle kimono ver.), on display at Sofmap #1 in Akihabara. In the final side by side comparison Meer still beats Lacus though, hands down. :3


In other site news, progress on the relaunch is proceeding apace thanks to the hard work of Buffered and shut. I’m hoping to have it online before I go back to work on the 10th. Putting the final How to Comiket installments together has been like pulling teeth from my brain, teeth which very much enjoy their current cranial habitat; if I keep my nose to the grindstone long enough it’ll eventually reach my teeth, though, so I’m confident that something will come out in the next few days. Aside from mangled metaphors.

To all the new visitors from Megatokyo, once again – thanks for stopping by! I apologize for the deplorable state of the “release information” sections (and the forums), but all shall be reborn in the site’s new incarnation.