In today’s update: Merry Christmas!

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  • The WHF Ariake 13 reports keep coming today, with offerings from Earl Box and detailed scoops from Akibajin of Alter’s Maid in Heaven SuperS Nagisa PVC, Alter’s Xenosaga KOS-MOS PVC, Orchid Seed’s My HiME Natsuki swimsuit ver. PVC, Wafuudou’s Athena PVC, and the special edition Onegai Teacher Mizuho swimsuit resin kit from Kotobukiya.
  • On Sale Today
  • Today’s new figure announcements include this Amada Insatsu Kakou Lei Lei PVC from Vampire Savior and this Final Fantasy 10 Yuuna PVC from Kotobukiya; release dates to be posted when available.

I spent yesterday afternoon whipping up the illustration you see above, and despite the usual caveats (yes, I know I suck at this) I’m pretty happy with how it came out. It’s the first attempt at coloring I’ve brought to completion in a long, long time… I had forgotten how fun it was. I think I’ll try to do another for New Years, if time allows.

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