Anime Side Majikyuu vol. 20 reports that Yoshinaga-san Uchi no Gargoyle is set to recieve the TV anime treatment, and will air in spring 2006. The official Comic High website corroborates yesterday’s news regarding the animefication of Joushikousei. It turns out that the Akihabara Enta Matsuri mentioned a couple of days ago is rather more […]

Anime Side

Ero Side

  • Tomato’s Himemusha updates today with both a demo movie and a trial version of the game available for download.
  • Not to be outdone, Vitamin’s Dr. Peko Himitsu no Shinryoujo 2 reciprocates with a demo movie and trial version of its own.
  • Kashiwatou is the newest kid on the eroge “simple 2000” block, making the leap from doujin circle to semiprofessional short porn game producer with its November release of Quick Click!.
  • D.O. Game has launched its official site for Youjuu Senki A.D. 2048, scheduled for a winter release. In the grim future of 2048, there are only pretty girls and tentacle monsters.
  • From the f*ck*ng r*d*c*l**s t*xt *d*ts d*v*s**n, Atelier D updates its Oonko Nurse page with a sample CG image. No, I’m not going to copy / paste that stupid circle any more.
  • Supple Entertainment / LiLiM Nama’s Ryoujoku Rensa goes all out with today’s sample CG update.

Figure Side

  • Yujin’s SRDX line Rushuna PVC figure from Grenadier gets a late November street date: fans of large chests and even larger eyelashes take note.
  • Seeing daylight in early November will be this long-awaited Atelier-Sai vaulting horse- sitting, clothes- changing Tessa Testarossa PVC kit from Full Metal Panic. [pink lingerie version]
  • Mid-November will see the release of this Spring Sonozaki Shion PVC kit from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. It’s a faithful reproduction of the original character design, but that’s not saying much.
  • New Product Scoop: Solid Theater’s Pocket Theater division will be putting a set of Nitro+ trading figures out in January. Still no Jingai Makyou?
  • New Product Scoop: Get your My Otome paraphernalia collection started with this stuffed Mikoto, out in December.

The first track on the Touhou Seasonal Dream Vision compilation album is an amazingly hardcore speed metal rendition of Lunatic Princess, far and away the best cut on the disc. It was put together by a fellow called S.S.H., and I tracked down his home page today to find that he has several dozen full pieces available for download, both originals and covers. If you’re into virtuosic keyboard work, grinding rhythm guitar and epic arrangements this is a treasure trove it would be a shame to pass up on. His Final Fantasy and Guilty Gear covers come especially recommended.