Anime Side Nitro+’s Demonbane is set to recieve the TV anime treatment, according to both Animate’s current front page and the official Demonbane site. The things you miss while offline… A promotional video is online for the fourth volume of Gainax’s Top wo Nerae! 2 OVA. The Gallery page is now open on SoltyRei’s official […]

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  • Medicom Rah has a pair of poseable 1/6 plug suit Rei and Asuka kits (completed) coming out in February.
  • Late November will see the release of this pair [1] [2] of C-Works Mayu no Ichizoku trading figures, repainted and sold separately.
  • Continuing today’s “pair” theme, two of Yamato’s Masamune Shirow Intron Depot-based PVC figures are being reissued in November: Galhound and Ballistics.
  • Cammy fans will have to wait until February to get ahold of Kaiyodo’s magnificently sculpted 1/6 scale PVC kit. Do two color versions count as a pair?
  • A limited edition black repaint of Organic’s drum major Hitomi PVC kit will be available in late November.
  • The first run of Max Factory’s Onegai Twins trading figure set sold out in blinding speed last month; if you’re among the horde that missed out, February will bring a second chance.
  • Finally a set of Urushihara-based figures I can stand behind: late November brings the release of these Legend of Lemnear trading figures from maker Ice Cream. At 780 yen each they’d better be good.

The great thing about Puzzlebox’s Niizuma wa Sailor Fuku, aside from the INO designs, is that the protagonist has a beard.