xxxHOLiC confirmed to air concurrently with Tsubasa Chronicle season 2 on NHK in spring 2006, My HiME PSP game announced, Papillon Rose broadcast details back up in the air, ufotable site renewal, various eroge and figure news.

Anime Side

  • A second Tsubasa Chronicle series has been confirmed, and will air on NHK starting next spring. Given this news it seems unlikely that the recently announced xxxHOLiC anime will also air on NHK, but details are still pending. [EDIT] Late breaking news: according to CLAMP’s official site both series will air next spring on NHK, presumably concurrently.
  • According to a My HiME PSP game will be released in December, based on the anime but unrelated to the Circus ADV that came out a several months ago.
  • A message on the Papillon Rose official site quells rumors of a December air date on WOWOW that had been circulating online recently. The show’s broadcast status is currently unknown.
  • Yesterday’s post in the ufotable community blog announces a site renewal, and confirms that they’re working full speed ahead on their main animation project for 2006, entitled Manabi Straight.
  • The first volume of the To Heart 2 manga will come with a limited edition DVD of footage showcasing the currently airing TV series.
  • October 27th will see the launch of Mediaworks’ newest media mix magazine, dubbed “Dengeki Maoh“. It brings together an eclectic mix of (non-ero, non-bishoujo) game reviews, manga, and serial novels in an attempt to appeal to some sort of mystery audience. If Moeoh has been scrapped for this I for one will be most displeased.
  • The 43rd episode of Melon Books’ proprietary Melocomi web manga is online. Ganbare, Maron-chan!
  • According to its official website, the second and third volumes of Karas will be released on October 29th and November 26th respectively.
  • Shinkai Makoto comments on the contents of the Kumo no Mukou, Yakusoku no Basho Memorial Box release in this Mangazoo exclusive interview.

Ero Side

Figure Side

  • Motorcycle-riding Gundam enthusiasts can now get even closer to Char with this 1:1 scale fully functional bike helmet. Preorder by November 30th.
  • A bit of errata on the Musashiya Ryomo ver. 2 linked yesterday – apparently the January release is a reissue, as the first wave hit store shelves yesterday.
  • Orchid Seed’s thoroughly underwhelming bikini-clad Mai cold cast from My HiME is available for preorder now, scheduled for a late January release.
  • Color images are online for the late November release of Meer Campbell and Meyrin Hawke Voice i-dolls from Bandai. The pose does wonders when it comes to crushing the life out of the characters (not that they had much to begin with, *cough*SEEDsucks*cough*).
  • Old news, but posted for the record: pictures are out and about for Kaiyodo’s BOME-sculpted Lumiere, Eclair, and KOS-MOS, slated for January and December releases respectively.
  • Yamato’s Genshiken and Kujian trading figures have been shunted back yet again to the end of November. The buzz has been effectively killed at this point to the extent that aside from a couple of items in the Genshiken set I’m not particularly looking forward to either.
  • Eureka Seven fans take note: Pictures of the Megahouse Excellent Model series Taruho, Anemone, and Eureka are online, set for a late November release.