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  • The few. The proud. The top image update. I need to take some pictures and whip up a short review of the Maritan Drill book, as it has to be seen to be believed.
  • Megahouse’s Koyori PVC from Sengoku Cannon, scooped earlier, is now available for preorder from Toranoana and scheduled for release at the end of January. This is the first color picture I’ve seen of it and I must say I’m not at all disappointed. :3
  • Also coming from Megahouse, in late December, is this Tsumura Tokiko PVC from Busou Renkin. For a quick overview of other recent figure announcements I recommend checking Toranoana’s hobby page.
  • [ERO] Toy’s Planning trys to sneak this Yakin Byoutou Mai PVC out under the radar, and fails miserably. Look for her in late December.
  • Musashiya’s Ryomo ver. 2 cold cast from Ikkitousen has been delayed until late January, granting wallets everywhere a brief reprieve.

After today’s Moon Phase update and combing the current Tech Gian the eroge situation is slowly coming under control, and I’m pretty sure I haven’t missed any major figure announcements. The biggest maintenance task up next is refreshing the sidebar contents, which are several months out of date by now. It’ll happen. Also coming soon: an image post, a review of the latest Genshiken chapter (Sasahara finds a job!), and coming down the pipe eventually is a new discussion of “moe” that will hopefully provoke some thought.

Over at the forums, shut brings up the topic of fujoshi: not being female, this one is a poser. I doubt any Japanese women read this blog, but I’m curious as to what perspectives are out there on the issue.