A couple of Jigoku Shoujo details, new net radio coming up, a couple of Gundam manga figures and an insufficient description of the Maritan Drillbook. Ero side: business as usual.

Anime Side

  • A few more details on the plot of Jigoku Shoujo are available from this AnimeFan article. It’s apparently a horror story (big surprise there) based around the urban legend of a girl who appears at a certain spot at midnight, and if you write an enemy’s name with hatred in your heart the girl will bring the object of your hatred down to hell. Considering that the girl is Mamiko this doesn’t seem to be such a horrific prospect, but we’ll have to wait and see.
  • A new batch of net radio shows were announced today, slated for launch this fall:

Ero Side

Figure Side

  • March 2006 will see the release of volumes 7 and 8 of the Gundam: C.D.A. and Gundam: Ecole Du Ciel mangas respectively, each with an included figure.
  • Hobby Channel has a report online of the opening day of Maritan Drill sales. I had the opportunity to browse this book yesterday, and it defies easy description. Similar to Moetan it’s an illustrated English phrasebook, but instead of making a feeble attempt to prepare students for college entrance exams it makes an even feebler attempt to teach them American military slang. Pictures forthcoming as soon as I can get my hands on it for real.