Mamiko stars in Jigoku Shoujo, Gainax takes your money, THE Guts! vol. 2 goes on sale on September 22nd, Toranoana opens a maid cafe at the Bishoujo Figure Convention, and etc.

Anime Side

  • The official Jigoku Shoujo site gets a host of updates today, including the revelation that everyone’s beloved Noto Mamiko will not only be voicing the lead, but will be singing the ending theme as well. She’s written a rather ethereal column for the site, and has a short interview up regarding the song recording process.
  • Web Anime Style has the third volume of its artwork feature online, this one featuring samples of okama‘s concept work for Kamichu!. It looks like we have him to thank for the unique array of small gods populating the story.
  • It’s been ten years since Eva first aired, and no doubt Gainax will be wringing every possible ounce of advertising potential out of this anniversary for the coming year (or longer). First up is their release of a 10th Anniversary Vocal Album. Unconnected to the anniversary is the phenomenon that has sprung up over the past year of the Eva slot machine, with an official site here. Why spend your money on overpriced merchandise, after all, when you can just feed it directly into Gainax’ gaping maw?

Ero Side

Figure Side

Punk’s not dead, and neither are the forums – at least this is what I say before crying myself to sleep every night. Coming soon: a dissection of eroge subgenres. Are all “bishoujo games” really created equal?