various and sundry items of general interest

Anime Side

  • There is very little competition with Capeta for the “most hideous designs of fall 2005” award. Male? Female? You make the call.
  • I”s is being animated. Again. At least it’s only slated for six episodes.
  • Soltyrei goes live on TV Asahi at 2:40 AM, October 6th (the morning of the 7th). The gradual revelation of further details about this series has lessened my anticipation for it somewhat, as the Murata visual imprint seems limited to this character. The show does appear to have an official cosplayer, which at first glance seems in stunningly poor taste (and tacky site design). Meh.
  • From the creator of City Hunter, Hobby Channel reports that Angel Heart is becoming an anime. [official site]
  • Fans of Shinkai Makoto will be pleased to hear that a special memorial box for Kumo no Mukou, Yakusoku no Bashou is being released on November 24th at 4,725 yen. If you think that price is too good to be true, it is – the set doesn’t contain the actual film, just a host of extras. They include a DVD with the storyboard presented in real time (presumably alongside an audio track), and an NHK documentary on the project, a CD-ROM with wallpaper, musical scores, and other data, and a 360-page storyboard book.
  • The official ufotable blog announces that a novelization of Futakoi Alternative will be coming out in November from Dengeki publishing, with the plot focused on events that occur after the end of the series. While you’re there, scroll down and check out their new digs! The expansion of ufotable’s facilities can only mean good things for the future of animation as far as I’m concerned.
  • [NOT ANIME] The open beta test of Yogurting begins on September 12th. [screenshots]
  • [NOT ANIME] Production I.G’s Minipato is becoming a PSP game! [official site]

Ero Side

Figure Side

  • Newline is putting out this cold cast Rei and Penpen at the end of November, for an equally cold 15,540 yen.
  • According to Raito Mokei, the release of Atelier Sai’s Tessa PVC has been delayed to October.