Fate/hollow ataraxia demo released, new Silky’s title scooped: based on a true story?

SCOOP OF THE DAY: Type Moon continues to lead headlines with its release of the Fate/hollow ataraxia playable demo. In a stunningly sensible move they’re releasing it via BitTorrent, so fire up your client of choice and make with the filesharing.

Ero Side

  • Elf’s Silky’s brand scoops its next release, Ai no Chikara. From the splash image there the game is reported to be based on a true story, which sounds utterly bizarre in the world of eroge, but the artistic direction looks similar to their previous release so I certainly can’t complain.
  • Lilith launches a page for its September 30th release of Love Deuce!, complete with a pair of sample CG (scroll down a bit).

The Iroppoi Figure Blog updated two days ago with another hefty chunk of August announcements from some of the companies that didn’t make it into the earlier post; I’ll be translating that list later today. Keep an eye out for reviews of the past couple of Genshiken and NHK chapters as well, and there’s always the forums