Hollow Ataraxia official site ONLINE, lots of anime and eroge news.

SCOOP OF THE DAY [ERO]: The official Fate/hollow ataraxia website is online! Looks like it may be worth the purchase even for those of us who haven’t managed to hack through the original game yet. *cough*

Anime Side

Ero Side

  • If Princess Witches (A Princess… Which is?) is your thing, Pajamas Soft has a bundle of good news for you: over the next month and a half it’s getting the triple treatment of an artbook, an anthology comic, and a novel.
  • Black Package’s Ore Miko has a demo movie available for download.
  • Waffle’s Subete Ubatteyaru! does as well, along with a playable demo (the right and left sets of links, respectively).
  • Terrible Future‘s playable demo can be found here, courtesy of Coremoreco. I’d put these in a proper list if this weren’t the last one of the day. I think.
  • Akabee Soft has an official site open for its upcoming Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo.
  • [NOT ERO] I don’t normally link PS2 games here, but the designs of Enterbrain’s Kimikiss are just too nice to pass up without comment.
  • Check out the clip of Navel’s Tick! Tack! OP available here from Animate. With designs that suggest All Nerine All the Time, this one might be worth looking in to.
  • Zero’s Hajimete no Orusuban and Hajimete no Oisha-san are being rereleased on October 7th and 14th respectively at higher resolution and lower price. Pettanko fans will want to check these out, methinks.
  • In a similar vein, Moe’s official Tsurupeta Hanyaan site has been updated all over the place, which I would link if it weren’t so damn flash-ridden. Look for a September 16th release on this one.
  • Propeller scoops its Ayakashibito artbook here.
  • Eushully has posted a rather complicated explanation of the game system for its upcoming Meishoku no Reiki.
  • One of Dengeki’s better-kept secrets may be this page of wallpapers and cover art updated monthly with each Dengeki Hime release.
  • Game Style scoops the September 29th release of Anim’s Kahanshin no Kabe.
  • Alterna’s Shirokuro has finally gotten a revised release date of October 28th.
  • Himajin’s new eroanime project will be Innocent Blue, based on the eroge of the same name from LiLiM.
  • Hiqua Soft has a very nice September calendar wallpaper available for download from its September 29th release of Yotsunoha.
  • Meteor has a wallpaper available as well, this one in celebration of a million hits to its official site.
  • In celebration of Saginomiya Shiiko’s birthday, Terios has made a charming wallpaper of her available for download, but get it before September 22nd or you’re out of luck. There is a different version available to the lucky sods in the Terios fan club, apparently… While I’m at it I should probably plug their upcoming release of Yatohime Gingikou (romaji don’t fail me now), though I don’t see it playing to the strong points of Yokota Mamoru‘s design.
  • Not much information on this one yet, but Amalgame’s Legion d’honneur is a title that sparks some interest.

Slowly getting caught up on some of the anime and games that have been announced over the past month… don’t forget to hit up the forums if you feel like discussing something, and by “discussing” I mean “dropping your post down a very deep well that may or may not lead to Gandalf being snatched off a bridge.”