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Mainichi Junk: Iroppoi Figure Omnibus

About a week ago the Iroppoi Figure Blog posted an omnibus collection of news garnered from several August events (Comiket, Chara Hobby, Wonder Festival) regarding figure releases of the upcoming six months and beyond. What follows is my best stab at a translation of this post. September 2005 Kotobukiya 1/8 scale Tonami Yuushin garage kit […]

Mainichi Junk: Mainichi Junk

The News in Brief Dokuro-chan is getting her own PS2 game! October’s Megami and Megami Deluxe vol. 5 both recently hit the shelves, as did Dengeki Animaga vol. 19. Chapter 11 of the Toranoana-sponsored web manga Shiawase no Momoringo is online. The first installment of Web Anime Style’s “artwork” feature is a set of Kamichu […]

Mainichi Junk: End of Summer

turning a leaf in the stream of consciousness, :words:

Summer 2005 Wonder Festival, in Words

Yesterday morning was my second early Sunday in a row, coming on the heels of Comiket for a summer double-header that proved lethal to the pocketbook and several hundred skin cells. Xiarobo (henceforth referred to by the Chinese romanization of his handle due to the recent discussion thereof on his blog) came by at around […]

Summer 2005 Wonder Festival, in Pictures

A whole lot of pictures from Summer Wonder Festival 2005.

Other Recent Acquisitions (Image Post)

A graphic depiction of why my Comiket haul this time around was relatively modest.

Event Report: Comic Market 68 (Day Three)

I got up at four in the morning on August 14th, day three of Comiket 68, and headed down to the 7-11 on the corner near my house to wait for Shiarobo and Eima and begin the now-familiar trek with them down to the Big Sight. Eima’s car had been broadsided by a truck whose […]

Comiket 68 Fallout

I’ll be putting a full report together once my feet stop hurting.

Comic Market 68, Day 3: Fine.

Perhaps not literally “fine”, but water isn’t pouring down in buckets. Here’s hoping the weather holds. That consideration has been rendered less important, though, by my eleventh hour acquisition of a circle ticket (!) under the kind auspices of Shiarobo, who had a friend back out at the last minute. Today may be one for […]

Comic Market 68, Day 1: Rain.

This is the first Comiket update you’re likely to see online, but that’s because I’m not there today. My preparations came to a grinding halt a couple of days ago when for no discernable reason I decided to play through the copy of Neverwinter Nights I brought back with me from the stash of games […]


I went to Akihabara yesterday with a shopping list and came back with the C68 CD-ROM catalogue and a copy of Shichinin no Online Gamers, among other things.

Mainichi Junk: Hisashiburi Edition

Long time no see.


I’m home. Things should be back to normal around here pretty soon. For now, sleep.

NEWS FLASH: Fate/hollow ataraxia Release Date Set

October 28th it is. Toranoana has a page up too!