Girl Meets Girl anime announced, ABe Lain artbook in question, eroge updates, Shinobu and Gosurori Asuka ON SALE TODAY, etc. Oh, and this may be the last regular Mainichi update for about two weeks, but return it will.

As previously mentioned this may be my last regular post until I’m back in the country on August 5th. I’ve been cooking up a few things to keep the site’s life-blood flowing in the interim but at this point Stateside internet access is a rather large unknown. I’ll post news when able, otherwise I highly recommend hitting up Mainichi Planet for all of your Moon Phase translation and otaku punditry needs.

Anime Side

  • According to today’s Moon Phase blog Kashimashi Girl Meets Girl, a manga currently serialized in Dengeki Daioh, is being made into an anime (official site pre-open on July 21st). I don’t know much about the title, but after glancing over a recent chapter it seems this will be good news for the yuri fans. Moon Phase has gone insane with the updates today and I may not have the time to parse them all, so check for fallout elsewhere.
  • Toranoana has a preorder page up for what it is calling “yoshitoshi ABe lain illustlations“. News has been circulating for a couple of months now that ABe’s Omnipresence in Wired artbook would be reissued in English, but is this that item? A cursory reading of the preorder page does not reveal its mysteries.
  • If you will be in Japan this weekend, as opposed to not being in Japan this weekend as is the case of a certain individual who shall remain nameless (ME), why not go to the Tokyo Character Show?

Ero Side

  • Today’s sample CG updates include Concept’s Tane wo Tsukeru Otoko, Psy-chs’ Ryouki II, Lilim’s Ijoku, and ZyX’s Kaminari no Senshi Raidi.
  • I surmise that Moon Phase got ahold of an early copy of this month’s Tech Gian, as today’s entry is a veritable cornucopia of eroge scoops – mostly upcoming release announcements, nothing that really jumps out without graphics to back it up.
  • Ail Soft celebrates ten million hits at its official site with an image featuring a montage of characters from its past titles.
  • D-Angel has a trial version of Ki ni Naru Roommate available for download.
  • Carriere will be at Comiket 68 selling a bunch of CDs and other misc. goods.
  • reports on the Clockup stage at CharaFes 2005. This was the event where seiyuu were auditioning live for the brand’s fall release of Kuro no Utahime – I’d be curious to see a video of this. I wonder what it feels like to be in the same visual frame as an impossibly voluptuous eroge character you are competing to portray…
  • Bottomless announces that the release of Omakase! Trouble Tenshi has been delayed to August 26th, this summer’s hot delay-to date it seems.

Figure Side

Shichinin no Online Gamers Release Countdown: TWO DAYS


…I can’t believe I am missing this by two. fucking. days.

Late-breaking edit: Japan Times article on the upcoming otaku quiz to be released in next month’s Elfics

Also, after lingering over Random Curiosity‘s screencaps from Bleach 41 for awhile I’m ready to vote Yoruichi as hottest anime character of the year. The [ERO] Yoruichi-tan Fan Site and blog certainly seem to agree… :3