Oshioki Sweetie delayed, Navel x Lantis web radio, complete list of circles selling figures at Comiket 68, etc.

I’ll be hopping a plane to the States tomorrow so updates may be sparse for the next couple of weeks (back on the 5th of August). I’ll probably cram in one or two more posts before I shuffle off so this isn’t goodbye quite yet; I’m just trying to get used to the prospect of not waking up at five every morning to churn these out…

Ero Side

  • When it comes to the internet Japan has never been much of an early adopter, but it seems they’ve finally discovered BitTorrent: Casino has a torrent of its demo movie for Hermit Complex available along with the usual passel of download mirror sites. There’s also some new Hermit Complex sample CG online, for the curious.
  • Hadashi Shoujo’s Oshioki Sweetie has its release delayed until August 26th. I was looking forward to picking it up on the 5th; asking me to hold off until after both Comiket and Wonder Festival is verging on cruel and unusual. At least they’re offering a very nice wallpaper by way of apology.
  • [NOT ERO] Speaking of wallpapers, get your White Clarity (Actress) and Sukunavi (Xwind) fixes here.
  • [NOT ERO] What do you get when you cross Navel and Lantis? The first episode of Nebula web radio, of course! The URL has it romanized as “nevra” but that’s just stupid.

Figure Side meets Comiket Side

[ERO] Now that the C68 catalogue is out and about the Iroppoi Figure Blog scoops a complete list of circles that will have figures available at the event:

Shichinin no Online Gamers Release Countdown: THREE DAYS