I hiked in to Akihabara yesterday for one final trip before two weeks of Japan depravation, and this is what fell out. Also: a really, REALLY hot Izumi garage kit, and some other news.

I hiked in to Akihabara yesterday for one final trip before two weeks of Japan depravation.

The Comiket 68 paper catalogue went on sale on Saturday, and each of the major outlets had their own special promos in full swing: Toranoana was distributing folding fans with theirs, Gamers had plastic files, K-books was doing pencil boards as usual. I forgot to check Animate‘s offering, alas. This time around the catalogue covers (upper: paper cover, lower: CD-ROM version cover) are illustrated by Yonekura Kengo, her characters from the Pink Sniper series to be exact, and as far as I’m concerned they couldn’t have picked a better artist for the job. I held off on my purchase as I’ll be picking up the CD-ROM catalogue later.

The work-safe contents of yesterday’s haul include, from left to right:

  • Keeper of Metal Key part III, which was playing in Messe Sanoh and was so kick ass I had to pick it up; might be my first purchase of doujin music ever. Certainly a worthy investment.
  • The first volume of Comic Yurihime, with the cover illustration by Hibiki Reine. I haven’t looked through it yet, but there is no man alive who does not relish the sight of two women locked in passionate embrace. Oh Ohno-san, how I misquote you…
  • The first two volumes of Kobayashi Hiyoko‘s recently reissued Peridot manga. I read the first volume yesterday, it’s much more interesting plot-wise than Okusama wa Joushikousei. Volumes 3-6 will be reissued over the next two months as well, good news for the [bb] softcore fans.
  • The first volume of Amazume Ryuuta‘s Motene!?, bought on the strength of the Amazume name alone. I’m sure it will be satisfying in a number of ways. :3
  • Lollipop, the collected works of POP / electromagnetic wave – because staunch devotees of large-breasted mature women can admire cute things too, dammit.
  • Range Murata presents Robot vol. 3, the latest installment in this superlative artbook / serial color comic series that shows exactly why Japan holds primacy in the international world of 2D sequential art.
  • The websiteless August-September issue of P-mate magazine, for its feature on Shichinin no Online Gamers.

Ero Side

  • Also found in Akiba yesterday: it seems that Black Tech Gian will be seeing a second issue, this one to be released on the third of August. My feelings are still mixed regarding this development, as I suspect content, talent and time are being siphoned off from the main magazine with little to show for it in this new sister publication. I’ll give it a few more issues to see if they can get the kinks ironed out, I suppose.
  • We’ve got movie sign! Cuffs’ Sakuramusubi, Alterna’s Shirokuro.
  • Playable demos online today include Le Chocolat / FlyingShine’s Swan Song and G-clef’s Omamagoto.
  • Moe.’s Tsurupeta Hanyaan has some new sample CG online.
  • [NOT ERO] PS WORLD is streaming a promo video for the upcoming PS2 release of Cave’s Mushihime-sama.
  • [NOT ERO] Broccoli has a new Cross World wallpaper up for grabs.

Figure Side

  • Chara-Ani has a preorder page up for the Wani Books / T’s system Hazuki PVC figure release from Tsukuyomi, alternative color version. Just when I thought the chances of obtaining this item were zero they had to go and throw this out… decisions, decisions.
  • Gentlemen, hold on to your pants. This HiMM Izumi event-only garage kit from Polygonia is threatening to abscond with mine any second now, and I’m not even a huge fan of the character.
  • [ERO] This item from Millennium is rather suspect. “Hajimete no Orusuban” indeed.

Shichinin no Online Gamers Release Countdown: FOUR DAYS


The Shichinin demo that came with the P-mate I picked up yesterday differed from the one currently available for download in that it ended with several random bits featuring the rest of the cast not otherwise introduced. The first glimpses of Tet-chan and NEEV were a welcome addition; with this I think I can somehow hold on to my sanity until I get back in August. Somehow.

Yesterday’s Akiba excursion wouldn’t have been complete without the acquisition of several decidedly not-work-safe items, of course, and here they are. Mostly books this time around.