A few bits of eroge news, Futakoi Shima figures, Shichinin no Online Gamers demo review

My beloved Tet-chan is running neck and neck with Yuniko/NEEV in the official Shichinin no Online Gamers character popularity poll, which is still going strong. I’m happy to see that I’m not the only one who thinks that the supposed central love interest is the most bland and boring of the three main characters.

Check out the bottom of today’s post for a review of the Shichinin playable demo!

Ero Side

  • Frontwing’s Boy Meets Girl site has been updated with another sample CG image.
  • ZyX has a few new sample images up for its upcoming Kaminari no Senshi Raidi as well, which will be on sale in a special package version at Comiket 68.
  • Sample CG is up for Lilith’s Dorei Maid Princess (scroll down).
  • [NOT ERO] The August 25th release of Futakoi Shima will include a pair of figures now pictured on the official site. The tagline for the game is “Alone with six pairs of swimsuit-clad twins on a deserted island?!”

Shichinin no Online Gamers Release Countdown: FIVE DAYS


I played through the Shichinin no Online Gamers downloadable demo yesterday, and it was a great taste of what’s to come.

We’re introduced to the main heroine, Kohane, and her jealous closet lesbian lover [edit] friend, Anko, right off the bat. You as the protagonist have a crush on Kohane, but are apparently not alone in this as she seems to be the most popular girl in your school. Way out of your league (not to mention the formidable Anko barrier).

After surfing fansites for the latest hot MMORPG to hit the net, “Seven Warriors Online”, you decide on a whim to join up despite no prior experience in the genre. The night before you buy the game you have a dream that turns out to be prophetic – the very first thing that happens when you log on is that you’re killed by a PK. Sigh. You debate whether to give up or not and decide to stick with it for another day or two, which is fortunate because you soon meet MONNBRUN, another newbie player and cleric who you strike up a friendship with and later form a party.

After a week or so of adventuring together MONNBRUN tells you she wants to meet you in person (you had earlier found out through conversation that you both lived in the same town). Somewhat nervous about the prospect you agree, without exchanging pictures or even genders, to meet at the station and then go watch a movie. You show up at the meeting spot a bit early and start rehearsing how you’ll greet him/her when he/she shows up, and then she does – surprise surprise, it’s Kohane! Fade to black – that’s all you’re getting out of the trial version.

Story-wise this much has already been revealed by descriptions of the game’s setup on the official site, so no surprises there. The demo is full-featured, though, so you get a short walk through the various gimmicks that G.J? has put in to set it apart from the usual ADV formula. First off is the PVP mode, which is somewhat reminiscent of the talk battles in Akibakei Kanojo, although here you choose from among attack options instead of lines of otaku argument. Another fun addition is the ability to walk around the SWO game world, giving you the illusion of control over your character, though at best it’s just a graphically enhanced way to pick one of various routes in the standard ADV scenario.

Although it’s too early to say for sure, at this point the game’s true appeal seems to lie in the novel convention of reconciling online and real-life personas. The protagonist can be an online hero, but can he match that in real life? The girl can be petulant and saucy as MONNBRUN, but is she really all that interesting in person? To the extent that the G.J? scriptwriters can play up this dichotomy I think they’ll have a successful, compelling game on their hands. This appeal is quite apart from the improbably [edit] impossibly huge breasts gracing most of the game’s female cast, which even when fully clothed as they are in the demo do not fail to deliver. Sano Toshide, you are a giant among men.

Due to a pesky trip to the States I’m going to miss the game’s release date by a hair and be unable to play it for two weeks thereafter, the thought of which wounds me mortally. Tet-chan and Yuniko, wait for me…