2006 Kodansha calendars scooped, eroge makers at C68, Ginban Kaleidoscope anime confirmed, Weekly Web Radio Roundup, Shichinin no Online Gamers playable demo online, LOTS of eroge movies and sample CG, Maritan update, DearS Rin PVC announced, etc. etc.

Ichigo Mashimaro episode one was, for better or for worse, quite similar to the manga in tone and pacing. I like the Barasui designs a lot but can’t get very enthusiastic about the content; if things don’t pick up with Mamiko’s entrance in the next episode I’ll probably leave this one to its more zealous proponents.

Comiket Side

  • The eroge industry represents today with a boatload of C68 announcements. Most of these links should be work-safe, but proceed with caution.
    • Tarte – Hinatabokko jockey girl telephone card, T-shirt, and etc.
    • Key – at the Broccoli booth. CLANNAD telephone cards, a “compilation mini album” and a Tomoyo After demo movie on DVD
    • Abel Software – an artbook of some sort
    • Roll Soft – a new card game and a novel based on their upcoming fall release, School Festa
    • PENTA – preproduction disc and OST from Gothic ~The Age of Innocence~
    • F&C – lots of stuff, scroll down to the bottom of the page to click through it all.
  • It seems Afghanis-tan is becoming a cookie. The edible kind. Again, no words.

Anime Side

Ero Side

Figure Side

  • The few. The proud. The top image, gallery, and web comic updates.
  • This Ichigo Mashimaro Ana Coppola resin kit will be released in August from maker Be-J.
  • If you can make it to one of the three events listed here you may be able to take advantage of the listed discounts on several quality Solid Theater products.
  • For the DearS fans, this PVC Ren kit will be coming out in September from Chara-Ani / Ano-Megaroh.
  • [ERO] On sale today: this Marin-chan (bath-towel version) cold cast from Aizu. This would be a lot hotter if her arm didn’t look quite so bendy…
  • The release of Max Factory’s Mai Shiranui PVC from King of Fighters has been delayed until late August.

Shichinin no Online Gamers Release Countdown: SIX DAYS


With the summer 2005 anime season safely off the ground in its entirety I suppose it’s time to cobble together the latter half of the good, the bad and the ugly. My opinions are certainly redundant across the anime blogosphere, but they’re short, so bear with me.