Ichigo Mashimaro ep. 1 airs, Gunparade Orchestra official anime site launches, Kuro Shinobu figure news, eroge sample CG updates, Goodsmile Tenma and Tessa on sale today, etc. etc.

The first episode of Ichigo Mashimaro aired last night, and all I got was this lousy (nonexistent) t-shirt. Will watch after work.

Comiket Side

  • Alchemist posts a rundown of the items it will have for sale at its C68 industry booth, Binchou-tan fans rejoice.
  • Broccoli will have some bishoujo bath towels for sale at its booth as well.

Anime Side

  • The official Gunparade Orchestra anime site launches. These designs don’t do much for me at this point, but we’ll see where things go.
  • Aniplex updates its Loon Moon site with story, staff/cast, and character information. The GPO designs look like works of staggering genius by comparison.
  • Excerpts from the upcoming Marimite ~Haru~ image album vol. 2 are online, courtesy of Animate.tv.

Ero Side

Figure Side

  • The Iroppoi Figure Blog reports that the Kuro Shinobu version of Kotobukiya’s Shinobu figure will be available for sale at this summer’s Wonder Festival; it doesn’t specify whether in PVC or resin. Here’s hoping for the former.
  • On sale today: Goodsmile’s swimsuit Tessa PVC from Full Metal Panic!, Goodsmile’s Tenma PVC from School Rumble. They look even better in the shots on yotsuba… accursed creator of heavenly creatures, why must you tempt me so? Also: remember the Fate/stay night Sakura, Rider and Saber swimsuit resin kits from Kotobukiya first scooped at the Shizuoka Hobby Festival? They’re here. [Sakura] [Rider] [Saber]

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