Comiket Side launched with nekoblade and ElePaperAction, site update, Charafes 2005 images, hot new addition to the Yujin SRDX PVC figure line, etc.

Gun Sword ep. 2 delivered in spades with more apathy, condiment abuse and butt-kicking-for-goodness action from Van and a solid Inoue Kikuko performance as Carmen 99. As Moon Phase notes you can’t tell that she and Ureshiko are the same person, although I was getting pretty strong Faye Valentine-vintage Hayashibara vibes from her performance. That may be due more to the feel of the show than anything else, though.

Comiket Side

As Comic Market 68 approaches so does the density of related news, to the extent that I think it deserves its own section. Look for random scraps of circle and dealer information to show up here in the coming weeks when applicable.

  • To get things started Toranoana scoops the release of Easy Game Station’s latest title, ElePaperAction. It’s high time someone thought of turning Read or Die into an action game, and EGS is just the circle to do it.
  • ZEALOTIC BLADE 2 will be releasing “a nekoblade figure and booklet, created by T’s system, designed by BLADE” on day three of the event. I’m expecting hideously long lines and the distinct possibility of a reprint for sale at Toranoana.

Anime Side

  • It’s been far too long since I’ve been able to link; today’s link marks the occasion of an official update regarding the July 22nd release of the Marimite ~Haru~ Image Album Vol. 2. お楽しみに~
  • Dokuro Channel ep. 25 is online, for the Chiba Saeko fans.

Ero Side

Figure Side

  • Max Factory’s Kasumi: C2 version PVC from Dead or Alive is on sale today. Get her while she’s hot (and not sold out).
  • New figure alert! Yujin’s SRDX line keeps the Ikkitousen PVC flame alive with the late September release of Teni. At this resolution it’s hard to say for sure but this looks like a pretty awesome figure.
  • Griffon weighs in on the Ikkitousen front as well with the late August release of this Ryofu resin kit.
  • Yamato gives a July 14th release date to this space suit Mizuho polystone kit from Onegai Teacher. I believe “shiny” is the only proper adjective here.
  • If you can make it to the Kanto World Hobby Festival 21 on July 18th, Daiki Kougyou will have this eroero [ERO] finished polystone kit for sale. The circle will apparently be participating at the upcoming summer Wonder Festival as well.

Shichinin no Online Gamers Release Countdown: 9 days


Anticipating Kamichu! episode three…