My HiME/My Otome site updates, Oshioki Sweetie sample CG, Clayz Saber now shipping, etc.

The second episodes of Okusama wa Mahou Shoujo and Paniponi Dash aired last night. I don’t feel much like watching either, but the next few days will be fun: Gun Sword tomorrow, Kamichu! the next day, and FMP: TSR on Thursday. I watched the promo bits for the latter yesterday and am now officially hyped.

  • [ANIME] The official My HiME site updates with a slightly more robust My Otome page as well as information on upcoming figure releases. The Shizuru and Haruka at the top of the page are event-only, alas.
  • [EROGE] Ja no Michi wa Hebi Soft has a demo movie online for its upcoming release of Kurutta Kyoutou ~Danzai no Gakuen~.
  • [EROGE] Hadashi Shoujo’s Oshioki Sweetie updates its sample CG page with a few more quality images.
  • [FIGURE] According to the Iroppoi Figure Blog the Clayz Saber PVC slated for official release tomorrow has begun shipping from some online shops. I won’t have mine in hand until Thursday, but if you ordered it from HLJ hopefully they’ll get to processing forthwith.

Shichinin no Online Gamers Release Countdown: 11 days