Shakugan no Shana prerelease information, Kamichu! will be 16 episodes, Inoue Kikuko doesn’t act her age, and a couple of eroge have their releases delayed.

  • [ANIME] The first glimpse of animated Shakugan no Shana will come on September 16 with the release of a “Prelude to Shana” DVD for 1260 yen.
  • [OST] The OP and ED singles for Kamichu! will be out on August 24th, along with the show’s first DVD (containing two episodes). Apparently the subsequent DVDs will be released monthly with two episodes each, for a total of eight discs: 2 x 8 = 16 episodes, a curious number. [scoop]
  • [OVER 17] This event happened awhile ago (June 26th) and has already been covered several times elsewhere, but as it’s a slow news day I thought I’d bring it up here. It’s rather disconcerting to see Inoue Kikuko pretending to be seventeen years old at 40 going on 41; I’m not sure whether this is a strategic affectation inspired by her manager or is something she’s taken on as part of a mid-life crisis, either way it’s just creepy and I wish she would stop.
  • [EROGE] Breeze’s Natsunone release has been pushed back to September 2nd, and Radi’s Imoutokon slides to August 26th.

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