Much Ado About Nothing


I’m not sure exactly what to think about this development. I’m glad it doesn’t span only the few of us whose updates look remarkably similar; the fact that we are various phalanges of an evil clone army sent to render all men impotent and turn all women into fujoshi is still suitably hidden. If effectively formatted and promoted I could see a resource like this aggregator come to rival or at least strongly supplement ANN, which would be perhaps the most desirable outcome from an “internet is by the people for the people” standpoint.

From the Al-Gorean “internet is by me for me” perspective it might not be such an appealing prospect; if the aggregator becomes popular it will certainly disincentivize work on individual blogging/community-building projects such as the one I have embarked on here. Perhaps the internet is moving away from “web sites” as such and more toward RSS feeds and content aggregators, though, and I should think of myself less as a site entity than a content provider that anyone is free to subscribe to. This will take a bit of a conceptual shift, but adjust we will.

So what do you think? Is this new aggregator superfluous, or will it serve a useful purpose? What feeds should be included and/or shut out? Is this all much ado about nothing? Feel free to post your opinions here.