Futalt staff blog update (holy mountains of ramen Batman), Tideline Blue and Suzuka air, Next Graduation trial version available, eroanime news from Green Bunny and D3, a whole boatload of figure news, etc. etc.

Anime Side

  • The first episodes of Tideline Blue and Suzuka aired last night.
  • Futakoi Alternative is over, and the staff over at Ufotable have had a bit of time to decompress and compose a long and reflective blog entry on the subject. It’s worth checking out for the pictures alone; apparently studios don’t run across the street for ramen anymore, they just order it by the pallet.
  • AIC A.S.T.A has recently launched a staff blog as well to correspond with their work on Gun Sword. This is a trend I can only encourage in the anime world; production transparency is inarguably a Good Thing. Hopefully this exposure will bring attention to the low budget and wretched working conditions of the average Japanese animator along with added insight into the creative process.
  • The second episode of Kamichu! was just as good as the first, if not better. The show has a magical quality about it that is hard to define; I’ll no doubt try later and probably fail miserably but for now I’d recommend just giving it a watch. Feel free to stone me if you think it sucks.

Ero Side

  • [NOT ERO] A trial version of Sotsugyou: Next Graduation is available for download at the game’s official site.
  • We’ve got movie sign! Groover’s Green Green 3 and CoPanda’s Pato Girl represent.
  • Galkko’s eroge feature of the week is Littlewitches’ Romanesque, complete with sample CG.
  • Every once and awhile a brand pops up that has somehow managed to slip a release out under the radar, and Under Lip is that brand. Like Poashara Under Lip seems to release solely via online shops, meaning no package versions for us collectors, alas. Their first release was Nakadashi Chikan Ressha, on June 30th, followed by the upcoming rather prosaically titled “Nurse Call Fuck” on July 15th. I’m going to stop listing these titles as they’re raising my expletive count per line to unacceptable levels, but their third release features a cheerleader (scroll down on the site’s top page) and will be out on the 22nd of this month. I’m not sure what to think about this rapidfire release of one-character eroge exclusively via download; it stinks of maximum profit at maximum speed. At least raise your overhead by releasing some package versions, people.
  • Speaking of Poashara it seems they almost snuck a new release by me as well: the fourth game in their Kosutte Gin-Gin line will feature a miko priestess and be out (download only, curse them) on July 8th.
  • July 15th will see the release of a standard edition version of Saga Planets’ Oni Isha. [CG] [wallpaper]
  • In eroanime news, Green Bunny has a page online with screenshots from its upcoming Mokemoke Taisho Dendouko Arisa vol. 2. Their main page also has the news that “MADE IN HEAVEN vol. 1” will be out some time in August. I’m guessing this is a misspelling of Maid in Heaven, but who knows.
  • D3 also weighs in on the eroanime front today with screenshots of its July 29th releases of Inko vol. 1 and Inbo vol. 1.
  • Galge.com scoops the five eroge on sale tomorrow, July 8th, the most noteworthy of which is certainly Le Chocolat’s Ayatsuri Bloomer.
  • GameMagazine has an event report online from CharaFes 2005, complete with lots and lots of pictures. Worth checking out for the (sadly low-resolution) cosplay shots.

Figure Side

  • [ERO] Toypla announces the release dates for several of its upcoming figures: its Marikouji Honoka PVC will be out on July 21st, and its “Girl” (now named “Chinatsu”) will be out on July 26th. The latter was originally slated for an August release; seeing it moved earlier is almost unprecidented in the figure world as far as I know, those with it on preorder take note.
  • Musashiya strikes again with this 1/5 scale cold cast gosurori maid Hoshino Ruri from Nadesico, slated for an August release. Another $200 itching to escape my pocket right there…
  • Yesterday’s report on the Comiket Rozen Maiden figure was slightly off – it will be out at C69, not 68, and it isn’t an “it” but a “they.” I think this massive Rozen explosion will mollify most fans disappointed by the later release date.
  • Check out this yotsuba thread for an image of Mixi-tan, the first in a new line of figures included with Netrunner magazine (you may have to copy/paste the link).
  • These Moetan trading figures came out a few days ago, and are looking pretty decent.
  • Apparently these Ichigo Mashimaro bedtime trading figures are out and about now as well.
  • Late August will see the release from Bandai of two new installments in the “Voice I-doll” series: Kira Yamato and Lacus Kline.
  • Put Mo:e in the name and maybe they‘ll sell! Or not.
  • Here’s another shot of gosurori maid Ruri, just because.
  • Yamato will be putting out a second PVC version of Ikkitousen’s Hakufu in late September. I’m liking the look of this one.

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