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With a baker’s half-dozen of fresh pilot episodes hanging out to dry (or twist in the wind) on the laundry line of public opinion I thought it was high time to weigh in with my own take on what the season has dished out so far.

The Good:

Kamichu – A well-animated slice of life show about a new Shinto god/junior high girl and how she explores her dual existence. Episode two promises wacky hijinks from THE (wannabe) GOD OF ROCK AND ROLL, which is already a recipe for success.

Gun Sword – You can’t say no to a low-voiced, apathetic protagonist with a lost love and a prehensile sword. Well you can, I suppose, but only if you have a hefty dose of THE LUCKY. The Kimura Takahiro character designs will really kick in next episode with the introduction of Carmen 99, the women of 99 secrets and the 99-centimeter bust – who needs an original plot when you can compensate with sheer glorious genre bastardization?

The Bad:

Okusama wa Joushikousei – What do you get when you take a manga that is essentially (incredibly well-drawn) softcore porn with a shoestring plot and give it to Avex Mode to produce on an equally shoestring budget? See: The Ugly.

Da Capo: Second Season – I haven’t watched this and I don’t intend to; brief exposure to the first series was enough to write the property off as mediocre harem anime with generic designs and the type of male protagonist that sends me into fits of apoplectic rage. If he is killed in a spectacular manner in this episode please let me know and I will watch with glee as the now-purposeless female characters wander aimlessly into manholes and off of cliffs. Ahh, we can dream, we can dream.

The Ugly:


The Undecided:

Paniponi Dash! – This first episode was alternately fiercely hilarious and mind-numbingly dull. Nail down Rebecca as a foul-mouthed ornery bastard and I’m hooked, otherwise I’ll probably drop the show pretty quickly.

Okusama wa Mahou Shoujo – The setup here is rather different than it was in the manga, although all vital plot elements seem to correspond. If the show continues to clear the air right off the bat they could have an interesting concept going with the whole magical girl reluctantly coming of age line (keeping up the phenominal level of service exhibited in the first episode wouldn’t hurt either), but if it devolves into a cheap web of lies and deceit as I expect it will, it’s bye-bye Kikuko (in this role at least, I expect she’ll more than pick up the slack as Carmen in Gun Sword :3).

Amaenaideyo! – Service is the name of the game here. If the protagonist can avoid becoming too idiotic and the designs remain consistent (along with the average ratio of clothing to skin) over future episodes this will be worth keeping tabs on; this is also the current offering from Studio Deen, the company in charge of the 2006 anime adaptation of Fate/stay night – they have a history of titles behind them, of course, but this is probably the best representation of what we’ll be able to expect quality-wise for Fate and may be worth tracking as such.

Akahori Gedou Hour Rabuge – I haven’t had the chance to watch this yet. An unknown quantity, still bursting with potential and Puni Puni Poemi designs. No male characters in sight, which is certainly encouraging.

If you have an opinion on any or all of these series (and I KNOW YOU DO), feel free to post it here and contribute to the general malaise that is the HD forums.