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Hoihoi-san vs. PestX

Hoihoi-san vs. PestX

  • [ANIME] The first episodes of Da Capo: Second Season and Okusama wa Joushikousei both aired last night. Others will no doubt bear the burden of watching the former and trying to keep from gouging their eyes out; the Okujou raw was enough to send me running from the room screaming. I recommend donning your biohazard suit and carefully setting these two episodes aside in a sealed vault so as to avoid contaminating the other new shows of the season.
  • [MAGAZINES] Dengeki has updated the official pages of Animaga, G’s Magazine, Dengeki Hime, and Moeoh to include information on their respective current issues.
  • [PSP] Gundam Battle Tactics will be released for the PSP on September 22nd.

Ero Side

Figure Side

  • The end of September will see the release of this very not-work-safe Beat Angel Escalayer cold cast from Griffon.
  • HobbyNet has preorder pages up for the Kanu figure scooped yesterday, as well as all six forthcoming Super Robot Wars heroines PVC kits: Kusuha Mizuha in October, Lamia Loveless in November, Excelen in December, Ratuuni in January, Zeora in February, and Ryuune in March.

Shichinin no Online Gamers Release Countdown: 19 days