Karin anime info online, Okusama wa Mahou Shoujo rant, net radio roundup, GitS PSP game official page, ZyX’s Kaminari no Senshi Raidi revived from the dead, Toys Works announces a series of quite fetching Super Robot Wars heroine figures, etc. etc. (kotoko interview not included)

I was hoping to have a few Hoihoi-san shots to show with today’s post, but they didn’t make yesterday’s delivery cutoff to the local hobby shop. I was also hoping to get in an interview with Kotoko but apparently she’s in California this weekend. Alas.

Anime Side

  • The first episode of Amaenaideyo! aired last night, for the Buddhist harem fans. Having not seen it yet I can’t say for sure, but for now my money is on this season’s Shinto offering emerging triumphant in the animated holy wars of 2005.
  • Kadokawa has a page up with information on the upcoming Karin anime. From the brief description there the story seems to be about an average schoolgirl vampire who gets nosebleeds when she has too much blood in her system. Oh, and it’s a love comedy too.
  • The image at the top of this Okusama wa Joushikousei page is guaranteed to make you question your choice of hobbies for at least a minute or two. Ayako, please, PLEASE talk to your agent about this one. And by “talk to” I mean “fire.” While you’re at it you might as well torch the Avex mode production facilities and tell Kobayashi Hiyoko to learn how to write a better story to go along with his fanservice. Hey, a fellow can dream. Oh – the Okujou Comic DVD was out on the 30th as well, wasn’t it. Hit “Play” for a voice preview.
  • Anime Style has some staff/cast information for the upcoming Hellsing OVA and other new series that have been hyped recently online here.
  • Kid’s Station has put up a site of their own for Okusama wa Mahou Shoujo. It saddens me to say this, but as I follow the manga in GAO I am more and more convinced that this show is going to be terrible. The plot is driven by lies, deception, unnecessary posturing and coverups, and stupid misunderstandings. Ureshiko got married, never kissed her husband (because if she did she would lose her magical ability and “ring master” status and she wasn’t ready to give that up, but could she tell her husband that? OF COURSE NOT), left him a few months ago (but didn’t divorce him), and took in a young handsome college student boarder whom she doesn’t tell anything about her past or true identity. If she did, the series would be about half its length and actually be interesting instead of STUPID AND LAME. It may prove me wrong, of course, but right now I’m not expecting much. Tangentially, the whole point of having a mature “magical girl” protagonist is spoiled if the kiss is artificially elevated to the status of sex as it is in kiddie/harem shows. If I wanted to watch a show that ends with the protagonists kissing being equated with losing their virginity I would watch Love Hina again. As it stands, Ureshiko is no better than any other magical girl or harem show lead aside from a few cosmetic differences and it makes me mad. /rant
  • Weekly Radio Roundup: Kiminozo Radio ep. 14, Mahoraba Net Radio ep. 12, Futakoi Melt Collective ep. 8, Magical Nurse Station ZZ ep. 46, Emma Housou Kyoukai ep. 17.
  • What is interesting about the AIC A.S.T.A Gun Sword page is that the staff and cast pages link to the managers/production houses of some of the folks involved in the show. It’s easy to forget that voice actors and anime staffers aren’t completely free agents when it comes to the jobs they wind up with (again, poor Ayako).
  • Telecom Anime talks about the steps involved in anime production on this page, unfortunately in Japanese only. Industry word of the day: e-konte (絵コンテ), meaning storyboard. The director is in charge of this and it is the master plan from which every cut and pan of an anime episode is derived.
  • [NOT ANIME] Set for a September 15th release, SCEJ’s official Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex -Karyuudo no Ryouiki- PSP game site is online.

Ero Side

  • Today’s roundup of demo movies includes Liquid’s Haitoku no Gakuen (scroll down a bit) and Undel’s Tashikani Kimi wa Koko ni Ita.
  • Sample CG updates: Rasen’s Rinkan [Imouto], Petit Pajamas’ Puppet Princess, Root’s Kao no Nai Tsuki II, Rune’s Shishunki (click through the characters page for additional images), Selen’s Futari no Aniyome (scroll down), Marry Bell’s Yuugu II and Sexy Mary (look in the “characters” section), ZyX’s Kaminari no Senshi Raidi, Studio Mebius’ THE GOD OF DEATH.
  • ZyX’s Kaminari no Senshi Raidi not only has a CG update today, but the announcement that it has been revived from the dead with a revised release date of August 12th. Welcome news indeed.
  • Le Chocolat puts the pressure on to pick up the first lot of its Ayatsuri Bloomer release, as it will be packaged with a special extra scenario. This is certainly an effective way for eroge makers to ensure strong initial sales of their releases, but I can’t help wondering whether it hurts them in the long run by inflating the used/auction market and disincentivizing the purchase of subsequent pressings without the extras at an unchanged price. As an eroge consumer it certainly feels like a loss when I have no choice but to buy a product I know is inferior to the initial release just because I missed an arbitrary sales cutoff point.
  • Flyingshine Kuro has splash pages online for its upcoming Kurai Mirai III and Jokyoushi: Rinkan Kyoushitsu, and Blue Gale ON DEMAND has updated its Milk Junkies 3 page a bit as well.
  • Nitro+ has a new wallpaper up for download at its official Jingai Makyou page, as well as news that it will have booths at both Comiket 68 and this summer’s Wonder Festival. Rock on. Is this a finished picture of the Jingai Makyou OST album cover I see before me?
  • Speaking of wallpapers, Caramel Box has its NiΘ/Yoda collaboration Yarukibako image available for download, and Nagisa fans can check out the Stoneheads July wallpaper here.
  • G.J?’s Shichinin no Online Gamers has sample images of some of the telephone cards to be distributed with its release at various retail outlets online at its official site (scroll down a bit).

Figure Side

  • Toys Works announces the release of a series of 1/8th scale PVC Super Robot Wars heroines: October will see the release of Kusuha Mizuha, followed by the November incarnation of Lamia Loveless and the subsequent monthly releases of four more characters currently pictured in the lower left corner of this crappy scan. SRW has never been a big interest of mine, but these could go a long way toward changing that. :3
  • Previously only available in resin, this Kanu Unchou from Ikkitousen will be released by Orchid Seed as a completed cold cast model on August 25th.
  • From Solid Theater’s Pocket Theater division comes this Hakka-ya designed set of trading figures, due out at the end of September.
  • I have never seen an attractive figure based on Urushihara Satoshi designs, and this one certainly doesn’t buck the trend.

Shichinin no Online Gamers Release Countdown: 20 days