Soltyrei site updates, eroge and figure bits and pieces (seifuku Kaicho coming at the end of July, now) etc. etc.

Anime Side

  • The Character, Gallery, and Staff Diary sections of the official Soltyrei site have been updated. I don’t know about you but I’m not seeing much Range Murata influence here… The jury is definitely out on this one.
  • If you have yet to obtain the first episode of Kamichu! via other nefarious means you can listen to the OP and ED themes here. I watched it last night, and enjoyed it well enough – seems like a cute story, but nothing particularly compelling. If this series is to succeed it will be due to its moetic charm and not its humor or “woah this is sweet” factor, I’m thinking. The first episode was visually delightful as well, and if Aniplex can sustain this quality of animation through the rest of the series that will certainly be another draw.

Ero Side

Figure Side

  • Nitro+ announces the release of an Ignis garage kit from Volks’ A-Brand. No official source has a picture of it yet (except for Dengeki Hobby Magazine, and they aren’t talking), but I’m pretty sure it’s the item about half way down this page.
  • Toranoana has a preorder page up for a set of Bandai trading figures based on designs by Itou Noiji, due out at the end of October. Nothing like hyping a product sight unseen.
  • The few. The proud. The diary update (without any pictures this time, alas).
  • The previously scooped Reko-hime figure to be included with the PS2 release of Cave’s Mushihime-sama on July 21st has been completed, and you can see it here. [high res]
  • Another note to the effect that Yujin’s SRDX Aoba and Tsukasa PVCs are now out and about.
  • Folks were drooling over this cheerleader resin kit over at yotsuba a month or so ago, slated for a late July release. After my disastrous encounter with Win-chan’s skirt I’m not all that eager to try my hand at those pleats…
  • Looks like we finally may see Ritsuko Kyuubel Kettenkrad in her PVC school uniform at the end of July, if HobbyNet can be trusted.
  • In the “already scooped at Pedolicious” division, we have PVCs of Alvis from Last Exile and Maia from Hikari to Mizu no Daphne coming from Alter in October. Also, on sale now from Spring is this Rena Higurashi PVC.

Shichinin no Online Gamers Release Countdown: 22 days