Two new anime series launch their sites and Oshioki Sweetie gets a CG update in today’s exciting episode of

[EDIT] It appears I have missed the official scoop of the day – the Fate anime cast list. Check it out at Lolitron.

  • [ANIME] The official site for this fall’s Shakugan no SHANA is online. Aside from a few design illustrations by Itou Noiji there’s not much there yet, but with this and Blood+ I’m ready to call fall 2005 the season of seifuku sword girls.
  • [ANIME] I’m not sure what Manglobe is trying to say when it bills its upcoming Ergo Proxy as “the latest SF action adventure anime from the creator of Samurai Champloo”, but the site reeks of targeting an international audience. I can’t say this is entirely a bad thing, although someone should tell them that international != eye makeup overdose. Be sure to check out the trailer while you’re there – I’ll bet the quality of animation shown in it doesn’t last beyond the first episode.
  • [EROGE] There are a couple of new Sample CG images up at the Oshioki Sweetie official site, and with release just over a month away it’s looking incredibly awesome.

Shichinin no Online Gamers Release Countdown: 25 days


Another link shamelessly stolen from ANN: I’m interested in any thoughts on this take on otakudom. I get the feeling it could be more coherently articulated than Asahi has done, but does Honda’s argument hold water? Back away from the gene pool and post about it here.