Jingai Makyou progress report (pictures!), ero-ero figure scoops.

Jingai Makyou thus far: Kanrinin-san is hot, Ignis is a bitch, and Kaze no Ushiro ni Ayumumono likes to eat. A lot. Also, the role of little sister as irrationally jealous defender of her brother’s virginity is affirmed. I managed to die at both the first and second possible opportunities, and while there has been a fair bit of combat in the story there is currently zero sign of amorous intent from any of the parties involved.

what's the white stuff on top of that rice?

With that said, I’ve split my playing time between what appear to be two major plot arcs – unlike the majority of choose your own adventure-style eroge this one seems to be “choose one of two adventures and go with it” – one in which Ignis kills Kaze early on, tries to kill you, and then moves into your apartment building, the other in which you meet Kaze, side with her against Ignis, Ignis gets killed (?), and Kaze moves into your building. While killing one of the major protagonists outright at the start of the game is certainly a novel approach, the plot hasn’t thrown any other major curveballs yet.

this ramen is tasty, but I'd rather be eating YOUR SOUL!

The game’s production value is quite high, using a lot of nonstandard text/screen divisions, overlays, and effects, and not skimping on the CG count, reminiscent of Fate in more ways than one. The BGM incorporates vocal tracks and is far more exotic than typical midi eroge fare – Ignis’ theme is especially awesome, I’ll try to upload it later. This is turning into more of a review than it has any right to be so I’ll give it a rest for now and report back when there is more of substance to report – suffice to say that it’s been a pretty enjoyable gaming (reading/watching/listening) experience thus far.

I just want to be friends, honest - my sword and your chest cavity want to get REALLY close and personal.

Ero Side

  • New event CG is up from the industrious folks at Studio Mebius (THE GOD OF DEATH) and Mixed Up (Kakuu Shoujo). Also, G.J?’s Shichinin no Online Gamers sports the third of three character-themed wallpapers, this one featuring the game’s main heroine, Monnbrun.
  • Nanase Ren exhibits an attitude of zen serenity reminiscent of a certain French actress in this Gigapulse Yakin Byoutou PVC figure (not work safe in the slightest), set for a late July release.
  • Toy Planning weighs in with its own NWS PVC figure (acronyms ahoy) also set to come out at the end of July, this one of Marikouji Honoka from the eroge Auction.
  • [SLIGHTLY ERO BUT PROBABLY WORK SAFE] Also from Toy Planning comes this Mai Shiranui PVC, late July. Waiting for further visual evidence here seems prudent.

Shichinin no Online Gamers Release Countdown: 26 days


I picked up both Afternoon and Ace yesterday, so if I can tear myself away from Jingai Makyou for an hour or so Genshiken and NHK reviews will be forthcoming. In the interim you can always amuse(?) yourself by checking out the forums