six eroge on sale today, new Nanoha series, Petopeto-san promo, net radio roundup, figure preorders up all over the place, JINGAI MAKYOU KITA~!



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  • The few. The proud. The top image and diary updates.
  • Is this a poseable Saber I see before me, handle toward my hand?
  • Wafudo Ganguten commits the tactical blunder of releasing the PVC version of this Mizuho figure at half the price of its equivalent polystone version while the latter is still on store shelves. In response to this, last Thursday the official Kotobukiya store in Akihabara made the rare move of slashing the price of the polystone to 6,000 yen. I pity the fool who had it on preorder for the original price.
  • [ERO] Millennium’s Genmukan capsule figures have streeted, and look decidedly mediocre up close.
  • Late July will see the release of these Bandai Super Robot Wars Heroines trading figures. Despite not being up on the franchise these are looking pretty nice.
  • Bandai strikes again with the late September release of the Tsukuyomi ~Neko Mimi Mode Selection~ trading figures. Quite the tempting item, especially in light of Wani being sold out of this.
  • In today’s SEED Destiny corner we have these August-release Bandai trading figures, Another batch out in September, and one from Megahouse in December. Meer-chan here we come. :3
  • Atolier Aya brings us these Y’s trading figures in October.
  • The Atolier Aya Tessa scooped yesterday is now available for pre-order and slated for a late September release.
  • Kotobukiya is putting out a second line of King Gainer capsule figures in October.
  • From Megahouse comes the announcement of a late-October set of 1/8th scale Eureka Seven PVCs, featuring Taruho and Eureka herself.
  • [ERO] Griffon Enterprises has a cold cast prepainted Escalayer up its sleeve for September release.

Afternoon should be out today as well, which means a new chapter of Genshiken. Expect a review later today or tomorrow…

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