COWBOY BEBOP PS2 GAME, Dead or Alive live action movie, Black Lagoon anime, web radio roundup, Jingai Makyou demo movie, Kuroai vol. 2 screenshots, Maritan updates, etc. etc.

Today’s Headlines

THEY’RE BACK. Bandai unveils the official site of a new Cowboy Bebop PS2 game, entitled Cowboy Bebop: Tsuioku no Yakyoku (Cowboy Bebop: Reminiscence Nocturne). You can pick through the page yourself – what’s there is totally. fucking. sweet. and the Bebop fanboy in me may just compel the purchase of a PS2 at long last in pursuit of this hot, hot item. If this hasn’t been scooped by a major gaming site already I’ll try to dig into it with the translation sometime soon, hopefully this weekend.

Tecmo announces the production of a Dead or Alive live-action movie. [scoop] [scoop] [scoop] All signs point to hilarious failure given the credentials of the cast and the fact that well, it’s a DOA live-action movie. Now taking bets as to what percentage of the on-screen breasts will be real…

Sunday GX confirms the production status of an animated version of Black Lagoon. I haven’t followed the manga very closely, but this has the potential to be some cool stuff. In other Black Lagoon news, the two PVC figures pictured at the bottom of this image are slated for a fall release (and if you’re curious about the Ultimate Girls figure at the top, take a look over here).

Anime Side

  • Avex Mode opens its official Okusama wa Joushikousei site. There’s nothing there yet except for the air dates (TV Saitama on July 2nd is one of the earlier ones), but the examples of character design on the main page are singularly uninspired. Unless this is way more servicey than I think it’s going to be I doubt the show will have any redeeming value (sorry Ayako… you should really have a talk with your agent about this one).
  • Today’s web radio roundup includes Kiminozo Radio ep. 12, Futakoi Melt Collective ep. 6, and Emma Housou Kyoukai (EHK?) ep. 15.
  • Wondering about the origins of Petopeto-san? Wonder no more! Cute billion-year-old robot girl alert, etc.
  • According to its official site, the ending theme of the Ichigo Mashimaro anime will be sung by Orikasa Fumiko.

Ero Side

  • Much to-do in the Jingai Makyou world today as Nitro+ ramps up for its release next Friday (June 24th). The second of three ero cut scenes has been uploaded to Pictures, there’s a new sample BGM track in Downloads, and best of all there’s a fresh and highly drool-enducing demo movie available here. Get it while it’s hot, folks (not that I expect its hotness to begin depreciating any time soon).
  • [NOT ERO] Aquaplus has launched official sites for the PS2 version of Utawareru Mono and the PSP versions of Comic Party, Kizuato, and Routes. Nothing there yet aside from what I surmise to be the package art, but it’s worth a glance anyway – Mizuki is looking particularly hot on the CP Portable cover. :3 In other Aquaplus news, the current staff diary over at Leaf Side-B has posted screen shots of the upcoming PC98 release of To Heart 2. Time to install a mouse and upgrade the ol’ OS!
  • has an interview with Studio Mebius/Studio Ring up here. Highlights include the tipoff that Mebius’ next title will be another pure love sim, and that they approached Kyoto Animation with the idea of an anime adaptation of Snow.
  • Petit Pajamas Soft launches a site for their August release of Puppet Princess, complete with Sample CG. And I thought MY alliterative abortions were bad.
  • Clockup has a short version of the opening theme for its upcoming Kuro no Utahime available for download. I’d recommend a listen, it’s pretty well done (for a game called “the dark songstress” it had better be).
  • Psy-chs has an official page online for the September 30th release of Ryouki 2, though there’s nothing there yet but a small piece of promotional art and a brief story rundown.
  • Character info (accompanied by frustratingly small sample CG images) is online for 13cm’s upcoming Warui Koto Shitai.
  • Game-Style’s special page for Smart Soft’s Pai-Mega now includes Sample CG.
  • In eroanime news, has a special page up for Green Bunny’s June 24th release of Kuroai vol. 2, complete with screen shots. If only the animation were slow enough to enjoy it in anything but frame-grabbed form. [original game]
  • [NOT ERO] Habanero-tan House is on sale today!

Figure Side

  • The Few. The Proud. The top image and webcomic updates.
  • You want To Heart 2 capsule figures? You’ve got To Heart 2 capsule figures.
  • Continuing on the Aquaplus theme: I’m not quite sure how this one flew under the radar, but Kotobukiya has a PVC figure of Comic Party’s Aya on sale this month. Quite a nice one, I’d say; I wonder whether any magical yen will fall out of my wallet if I wring it hard enough.
  • According to this image harvested from yotsuba, some of Yamato’s Genshiken trading figures are being released – at half the price – as capsule versions, as well. This just stinks of profiteering all around, and it’s threatening to taint the Genshiken experience for me. How can any respectable artist stand to see their work ripped off to this extent? He may have no control over what’s happening, but still – come on, Kio. Stand up for your characters, man.

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