meido-san metaru

A few bits of site information to start things off today:

  • If you were waiting to check out the forums until you were sure you could post pretty pictures there without the need for your own webspace, wait no longer – Attachment Mod has come to the rescue.
  • Alternatively, if you are Japanese and/or are more comfortable using Japanese than English, check out this makeshift BBS. It has been fashioned from twigs and clay to vaguely resemble something one might find on a more traditional Japanese internet, and should thus be less threatening than a phpBB. Hold out hopes.
  • 日本人の客の為に備えたBBSはこちらにあります。良かったら是非本サイトについての連絡、意見や感想をそこで貼ってください~ b(> v < )/

And in the news:

  • [EROGE] has a very nice feature page up for Littlewitches’ July 29th release of Romanesque. Not something that gets me hot and bothered, but the art is beautiful in that unique Ooyari Ashito way.
  • [MEIDO] Last Saturday’s Goshujin-sama-themed maid infestation of Akihabara was quite the spectacle. In hindsight I should have taken pictures, but a high-resolution copy of this one from’s scoop of the event would be satisfactory.
  • [ANIME] strikes again with an early look at the front cover of Battleflag of the Stars III vol. 1, set for an August 26th DVD release.

Shichinin no Online Gamers Release Countdown: 35 days