official Suzuka and Sugar Sugar Rune sites, cell phone Mushihime, Saber doll, etc.

Anime Side

  • Marvelous Entertainment has opened official pages for this summer’s launch of Suzuka and Sugar Sugar Rune. I’d be more excited about Suzuka if the protagonist weren’t male, but the designs are agreeable enough and I’ll probably watch a few episodes to see where it goes… Actually, after reading the story description here, I’m not so sure. “Akitsuki Yamato is an average 15-year old who decides to move in with his aunt at her public bathhouse/women’s dormitory while attending high school in Tokyo. One day he realizes that the beautiful girl he’s seen at school is actually Asahina Suzuka, his next-door neighbor! Slowly his boring daily life begins to change…” Ugh.
  • Speaking of young men moving into public bathhouses in Tokyo run by their aunts and falling in love with girls living there and spawning mediocre anime series, Star Child has an official page up for the July 6th release of the Love Hina DVD box set – all eight discs of the show plus the bonus drama CD scooped earlier.
  • The Moon Phase diary reports that Kaleidoscope, a series of novels with figure skating as the central theme, will be seeing both manga and anime adaptations in the near future.

Ero Side

  • Smart Soft’s Pai-Mega is the current feature over at Galkko, with a whole lot of sample CG in the offing if you dig a few pages in. Game Style has a special page up as well, and I can’t complain; they could have chosen a worse title to put the full court press on this month. :3
  • If you can brave the gauntlet of threateningly flashing text, a demo movie for H+’s Hitozuma Auction is available for download at its official site.
  • For the wallpaper hunters: SAGA PLANETS has several Usotsuki wa Tenshi no Hajimari wallpapers available for download, and GameMagazine pitches in a whole raft of quality images from various sources as well.
  • Game Style’s special page for TOP’s Moeru Downhill Night now has sample CG available for viewing.
  • scoops this Friday’s (June 17th) nine eroge releases here, chief among them probably Alice Soft’s Pastel Chime Continue and Burston’s Engage.
  • ZyX’s Kaminari no Senshi Raidi is a title I’ve been looking forward to, but with no news on it for the past several months today’s announcement that all release plans have been frozen doesn’t come as much of a surprise. In the eroge world such announcements often imply the end of the road for a project, but here’s hoping this one will manage to be resurrected somehow.
  • The release of Catarite’s Shikigami has been pushed back a week from June 24th to July 1st.
  • NOT ERO: As of yesterday you can play with Reko-hime from the convenience of your FOMA900i/901i-enabled cell phone. [scoop] [scoop] Keitai-based STGs? Well I never!

Figure Side

  • Streeting on August 12th is this Saber doll, now available for preorder from Toranoana.
  • From Epoch comes a set of studio Pierrot magical girl trading figures, on sale now.
  • Scooped awhile ago, but now with product image: Yujin’s Asaba Ureshiko PVC from the upcoming Okusama wa Mahou Shoujo series. The face, man. I don’t know.
  • Speaking of OH MY GOD THE FACE, I can’t help but get in another dig at the Air designs with the release announcement of this PVC kit.

Instead of a site link today I’m going to use this space to rant about the limited availability of Genshiken vol. 6 Special Edition, set for a June 23rd release. As you can see,’s stock has already been preordered to extinction, but the really great bit is that the item is already for sale used in the “Amazon Marketplace” for 2,900 yen – a week before its release and it already costs twenty bucks more than the original sale price. Japan, you never cease to confound and amaze.

My preorder is not one of the lucky few that made it through before Amazon’s stockpile was snatched up by the evil hive of scum and villiany that is the online resale market, but I’m not going to take this laying down. I’ll take the day off work on the 23rd and hop on the first train into Akihabara if I have to – the possibility of Genshiken and Kujian characters rendered by this array of artists is something no true (read: deranged) fan could resist.

Shichinin no Online Gamers Release Countdown: 36 days


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