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Anime Side

  • The Amaenaideyo! official site has information on the first episode online along with an updated version of the trailer (both can be found in the “story” section). After seeing what this new trailer has to offer I’m revising my opinion of the show slightly sideways into the Love Hina camp. If it can avoid some of Love Hina’s issues (plot driven by strife created by HILARIOUS MISUNDERSTANDINGS and a weak protagonist with no self-esteem) it might turn into something decent; the fanservice here is also refreshingly direct, dictating a mandatory viewing of the first episode at the very least.
  • TV Tokyo has pre-launched its Pani Poni Dash! site. According to the brief story description on the site it seems this will be a rather wackier version of Sensei no Ojikan (also broadcast on TV Tokyo). Apparently some higher-up there can’t get enough of the school comedies featuring pint-sized teachers.

Ero Side

  • There’s a promo movie for Muyedang’s Erobomb available at its official site. This is without a doubt the most bizarre eroge coming out this summer, and the video is worth watching for that alone – along with the robust male vocals and SMOKING HOT guitar.
  • For the wallpaper hunters: Casino’s top image expands to a very nice size upon clicking. Also, Kabu de Ikou! has a wallpaper section I must have somehow missed on earlier visits.
  • Psy-chs announces the September 30th release of Ryouki II, the sequel to Ryouki I. Here’s hoping for more futanari, and less mosaic.
  • Black Cyc has another sample CG image up for Yami no Koe Ibunroku, and Game Style’s feature of Propeller’s Ayakashibito has a whole array of CG up for sampling as well.
  • In eroanime news: Muse has opened an official page for Itazura vol. 2, set for a July 8th release.
  • Game Style reports that June 15th will see the site launch of, a new source for mobile phone bishoujo games. Based on the sample images at Game Style and the in-game options given I’m guessing these will be full-fledged eroge as opposed to renai games, which may be something new in the cell phone world – certainly an interesting development for those in the position to glance at a fellow train-goer’s phone display from time to time.
  • Mini announces the postponement of the release of Shimai Kyoushi Donburi from July 15th to July 22nd.

Figure Side

  • The August 24th release of the region 2 Betterman DVD box set will come with a Hinoki figure. One worth $330? I think not, alas.
  • Disappointing news on the Genshiken front: this highly anticipated set of Yamato trading figures will be a crap shoot of painted vs. unfinished figure versions. With eight different figures at 600 yen each it could very well require an investment of over ten thousand yen to acquire a complete set of the finished figures… that, or take the risk that they’ll be available resold separately after the fact and swallow the markup then, which I could easily see reaching 2,000 yen each for the more desirable ones. Aargh. Note that the Kujian figures apparently aren’t plagued by this hideous Russian roulette “feature”. In slight recompense for this dismal news, here is a larger image of the new standalone Ohno.

I’ve been queueing up a list of sites to feature here, but there’s not always the time to write up a decent piece of review… I should take to doing that in the evenings and pasting them here when the time comes to post. Note to self.

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