Will Shingo-chan be able to defeat his malicious air conditioner in its plot to turn his bedroom into Biosphere III?! Find out on the next exciting episode of CONDITIONER BATTLER EVANGELION!!

Anime Side

  • According to Moon Phase and roughly a billion other sources by now, the My Hime sequel will be entitled “舞☆MAiD” and will be a high-spirited moetic maid story. I’m guardedly optimistic that this won’t jump the shark as hilariously as the original did, but only time will tell.
  • Studio Office Ao is putting out a show they’re calling “Mahoro Gakuen“, with a trailer available for download on the official site. I can’t think of a suitably witty comment on this, just click on the link and let your tears fall like rain from my air conditioner which is trying to turn my room into a full-featured biosphere again this summer. This time, though, I won’t be taking it sitting down – I’ll be chronicling my fight against deficient cooling units everywhere in the new series “CONDITIONER BATTLER EVANGELION,” tentatively scheduled to air this fall – don’t touch that dial, sirs.
  • In Dokuro-chan news, Chiba Saeko is a terrible artist.
  • There’s another wallpaper available for download in the “download” section of the official Amaenaideyo! site.

Ero Side

  • They’re crazies, and they’re dancing. I don’t know either. CG here.
  • Other CG updates at: Burston’s Engage, Meteor’s KoiQ!, and Delta’s Megari. For the 10,000 year old robot fans: Honey Pot’s Tsui-Tsui Twin-tail Twins.
  • Atelier Kaguya’s Onna Kyoushi is being rereleased on July 29th in a “DVD edition” with new voices, an improved interface and a newly-illustrated additional “harem route” to the game.
  • G.J?’s Shichinin no Online Gamers has launched their third promotional campaign. This time your mission is to invent a clever alternate deconstruction of the SWO (Seven Warriors Online) acronym, something that the original players when the (fictional) game was in beta would have called it. Send in your idea and you’ll earn a spot in the Shichinin credit roll, as well as the chance to be one of seven lucky recipients of a G.J? Official Fan Book signed by Sano Toshihide, the brand’s character designer.
  • Game Style has a page up with some CG from Smart Soft’s upcoming Pai-Mega.
  • The third installment in Poashara’s Kosutte Gin Gin series will be released on June 10th, for the [bb] nurse fans. In other news, Poashara actually has an inconspicuous official site. Now all we need is word of a package release for their games and the circle will be complete.
  • [NOT ERO] Princess Maker 4. Oh Gainax-chan -_-;;

Figure Side

  • Solid Theater is producing “Pocket Theater” figures from Tarte’s Hinatabokko, featuring the character Koharu Nanase. 萌え~
  • Hobby Channel has reports up on some notable garage kits from the May 5th World Hobby Festival, and the third page of their Shizuoka Hobby Show review is online as well.
  • I should have broken this scoop the other day when I surfed over to their official site, but it’s doubly official now: Wonder Festival 2005 (summer) is set for August 21st. For those doing the math, that’s the weekend after Comiket 68. Thousands of otaku wallets are crying out in anguish…
  • Some slightly better pictures of E3 Staff’s upcoming Shinobuden trading figures are available here. The jury is still out on this one, although I have to say at this resolultion they’re looking far better than their MEZZO precursors.
  • The current installment of the Maritan diary takes our intrepid warriors (Pinky Streetified version of them, at least) from Kansas City to the headquarters of Barrett Rifles in Tennesee.

Shichinin no Online Gamers Release Countdown: 45 days