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Ero Side

  • Much news on Nitro+’s Jingai Makyou front. First off, the official site has been updated with another flash scene available in “pictures” and a short piece of BGM available in “download”. In addition, according to the news page the first pressing of the game will include a concept works BGM disc (which seems basically worthless because it will apparently only include short versions of the pieces, but hey) and if you order it directly from the company’s online shop, you also get a special full-color book with design works, interviews, and several pieces of fan art by a bevy of popular artists. This is what tipped the scales for me, and my preorder is now speeding happily through cyberspace to the bowels of a fine strapping Nitro+ employee’s mailbox. I just hope Toranoana doesn’t pull out a better promo, like a box of posters or a free pass to Akihabara Love Doll Paradise or something.
  • The folks responsible for Smart Soft’s Pai-Mega have somehow coerced a piece of fan art (scroll all the way down) from the character designer over at Type-Moon. This news seems to have had a miniature Slashdot effect on Smart’s server, so you might want to wait a few hours to take a look.
  • One of the more venerable labels in eroge, Mink, has announced that it will be spinning off two more subdivisions in addition to its M no Violet and M de Pink brands: M na Red and M ga Cobalt. Along with this announcement comes notice that M na Red’s first release will be entitled Heaven, and is set to debut this summer. It will be interesting to see if the new brands can differentiate themselves thematically enough to warrant being spun off as nominally distinct entities; M de Pink and M no Violet cover a lot of ground as it is.
  • Several sections of Hadashi Shoujo’s Oshioki Sweetie website have been updated, most notably the CG and System pages. 巨乳バンザイ!!
  • Speaking of beautiful large-breasted two dimensional women, G.J?’s Shichinin no Online Gamers site has been updated with a veritable cornucopia of new sample CG images. Perhaps not that many, but close. Also, the Seven Warriors Online flash demo has been updated to include the possibility of meeting up with Tetsuko. テツちゃん~! In other Shichinin news apparently the game is featured in the premiere issue of Black Tech Gian released yesterday, which to my chagrin was not for sale at my neighborhood book shop. I anticipated a limited circulation for its first run but I hope it’s not so limited that it’s out of stock in Akihabara next weekend…
  • Anim’s Tokumei Sentai Yuzuranger has a few new sample CG images up for viewing.
  • Buruge on Demand announces their upcoming fall release, provisionally titled “Shin Junkie”. Looks like more of the same uninspired [bb] fare we’ve come to expect from them.
  • Want to earn an easy five hundred bucks? Write the original scenario for a Vanilla-produced eroanime!

Anime Side

Goods Side

For today’s featured site we have NEWMEN HP, home of an artist who seems rather snarky and unwilling to divulge personal information, not even a pen name. We’ll call him NEWMEN, because the HP probably stands for “home page.” Probably.


    NEWMEN’s art is characterized by swooping, decisive lines that seem simultaneously curved and angular, flexible yet able to poke your eye out at the same time. It’s this aggressive style that drew me initially to his work and has kept me hooked since I picked up his first volume of doujin. In keeping with the unfriendliness of his site his books don’t provide any artist or contact information, though, so I didn’t even know he had a web presence until I stumbled onto this link a couple of days ago. According to his site his work is currently only available via mail order from Toranoana, but I’m holding out hopes that he’ll be at Natsukomi as well… If you’re having trouble finding the main contents of the site, scroll down the page about half way and click on the linked text directly above the OFP banner.

Shichinin no Online Gamers Release Countdown: 48 days